Sunday, August 20, 2017

Three 4D Eye Palette in Star Guitar

THREE is a fast-growing indie Japanese beauty brand that I first heard from Kate from Drivel about Frivol. While the brand's philosophy is more centered toward natural skincare, I am gravitated toward their eyeshadow palettes.

As soon as I had the disposable income, I started look around the net, looking for the least ripped off offer. When I do find these kind of palette on eBay, I then wait for one of their periodic flash sales (usually 15-dollars off 75). When the stars align, I can score these somewhat comparable to regular retail.
THREE 4D Eye Palette in 09 Star Guitar. The name! The layout and the color scheme! I always have a thing for dirty purple taupe since it's essentially my skin tone during winter.

The paper box is sleek and taunt. I forgot to take a picture of the actual compact, it's a simple gray one with THREE across the waist line and it's made of gummy plastic. While they aren't dust-oil magnet like Nars, it has sucked in quite a bit of glitter fall out (from the palette itself) for the 1.5 years I had it.
There are four square pans with 8 grams of product. Upper left is a cross between warm rose and pigeon gray, in a sheer satin texture.

The lower left is a nutty brown taupe, still light on the color payoff. Lower right is a silvery shimmer in pewter base,  it feels a bit scratchy to the touch and is prone to fall out when used with brush.

The star of the Star Guitar is the upper right jewel purple. It's a very condensed cream that functions as a clear and texturally light base as well as cream eyeliner. 

There are two applicator, a bigger (what seems like) horse hair paddle brush for the two powder pans and a duo-side for cream. The duo-end has a synthetic tapered flat side and a pointed smudger. For me, the glitter is best padded with finger (that's how it ended up allover the gummy compact).
As much as I love the jewel purple, using it as a base would just mud up the whole look and make me look punched in the eye. Other shades are quite demure (even the glitter pan doesn't make a statement) and only subtly shades. The texture of them feels powdery and easy to blend. It's finely milled enough but nothing unique.
Taupe gray-rose as base, brown to shade, glitter patted allover and purple to line. I like the polished look but feel like it's a little too subtle for my liking. 
While I like the palette, I am not in a hurry to get more...


  1. The purple is lovely, but I need more sparkles ^.^

    1. Yup...I want something more noticeable when I am wearing eyeshadow. Kate actually did some really velvety purple smokey with this palette though (which requires too much skill).

  2. If I need an Everyday Japanese eyeshadow brown palette, which would you recommend?

  3. Since lot of my favorites are discontinued already so it's easy to pick...Visee Nudy Rich (I got mauve and beige variations) eyes and Excel Skinny Rich eyes are great neutrals that's as nice as highend (imo)...The only problem is picking a shade you like since they all look like each other.

    I prefer majolica majorcas brown and taupe but they are more blingy (not as everyday)..


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