Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mid August Collective Sighting - Drugstore and Magazine

 Some collective sighting from last week. My freebie bag broke (well at least it lasted three months) so I was looking for replacement...Somehow looking at magazine is less stressful than actually shopping for bags.
Steady has some Snoopy coin pouch. Bijin Hyakka has a jewelry pouch. Otona no Oshare Techo has nail polish that got confiscated
 Can Cam has gym backpack
Seventeen has a Snoopy pouch, Muse has leopard bag
 Sweet has a real-looking bag...I wish it isn't hot pink
In Red's plates got blocked by custom...Scawaii has a pouch (yawns)
 Estherbunny tote (it's quite expensive after markup though)
Very half assed Moomin backpack (only the patch is moomin)
 New mask from by OSkin
 msh lip cheek crayon
 From Rite Aid - LA color Liquid Lip Color

 Rimmel Brow compact
 Black Radiance Metallic Matte lip creme
Julie G Bohemian Dream nail color

 Look Nail Color


  1. Was aiming the sweet magazine sept issue too but I already have a hot pink bag. Ended up buying the back issue of sweet aug issue with the black stud bag. No discount. However, I'm amazed by how much I like it. :) Chic and goes well with most outfits.

    How come innocent stuff like plates get blocked by customs?

    1. I think they are heavy or they dont think it's worth the air mail (those magazine gets here in a day) cost? I am most angry they confiscate makeup brushes though...

  2. I'm from Singapore and none of the magazine freebies got confiscated, so strange that in USA they take the freebies away and offer a 20% discount. Can't read much Japanese so I buy for freebie bags. So far, the 2 sweet bags I have are sturdy and didn't break so I'm pleased with the quality. Envious of the cheap makeup u have in USA I must say...can experiment without worry about prices.

    1. Yup,I only get them if I like the freebies...The liniere pouch was decent actually (plus the pencil case and bus pass case are going strong) I just put too much crap into that small bag ...

      I am waiting for another decent quality nylon shoulder bag to pop up...hopefully with cat details!

  3. We pay premium prices for these Japanese mags due to freight it's almost double the retail price in Japan, so I expect the bags to last Long.

    Hope u find your ideal shoulder bag soon, look forward to seeing your haul here. :)

    1. I hope I will find one soon, right now I rotate an aritaum tote (sturdy, well shaped but it's a lint magnet) from buying too much from their store...then the broken les Olivades bag. If I things fail I will have to buy a bag...the horror...


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