Monday, August 07, 2017

Lunasol Sunny Summer Eyes in EX-01 Spicy Sunny Collection

While I generally like most Lunasol palettes, the summer limited releases are the one I look forward to the most. See? They usually come up with two palettes that are sheer and clear (just the way I want it), one in warm neutral and one that's blue toned. As expected, when the promo images for their summer 17 collection came out, I knew I had to get the warm one...

 The signature elegant neutral of Lunasol into the burnt orange bandwagon, what's not to love?
Meet Sunny Summer Eyes in EX-01 Spicy Sunny Collection. Something seemed like the most beautiful combo the brand came out in recent year (since Summer 2011's Bronze Brown Collection)
Each summer palette also has a special print on the compact. 
 A (Upper Left) - Medium Color. The main shading pan is a metallic coppery orange in a silky chiffon finish that's a little glossy. It gives a feel of rose gold jewelry paired with a golden tan.

B (Upper Right) - Nuance color. Still rose gold but a leans more gold. This has a flaky finish that's a bit clearer.

C (Lower Left) - Shiny color. Beige rose gold in a compact cream form. It's a bit thin as base so I suppose it's a glossy top coat.

D (Lower Right)  - Shade Color. A speckled satin (not matte but functions as one) chestnut that softly defines without being dramatic. 

E (Center)  - Highlight color. White with golden bits. 
The pans are firmly packed, smooth and not hard to pick up.

Given the sheer color payoff. All three rose gold look more or less the same so layering the three would just give a large patch of clear burnt orange...The white highlight might help clear things up a bit but by the time I got all three shades on, I already thought it was too much.
On the eyes, Spicy Sunny wears like glossy coppery sheen. The only thing stops it from being a muddy orange mess was the clear finish.
I suppose it doesn't look terrible but do you really need a 5000-yen quint to achieve this kind of look? 


  1. Yeah. I got tired of their tired warm and cool releases that keep recycling the same colors and skipped this one... Oh Lunasol...



    1. Ohh...I still have a few that I need to have a thorough play. This one looked kind of unique to me. Now I just want some boring neutral from excel instead.


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