Monday, August 28, 2017

Late August 2017 Magazines Freebies and My Mini Haul

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Well, I like colder seasons here is so it just means that I get to take longer walks and...concert season will be here! Anyway, I did my usual drill this past week so here are some spy pictures.
Biteki has BA foundation sample (blocked by FDA) and Magnifying mirror that went through. Liniere has a white tote (again) and Bala has a makeup sponge.
A huge and heavy issue of Zexy with Mickey and Minnie mesh pouch (I really wanted them but knowing that I will toss the magazine right away, 9 bucks for two totes seems wasteful).
Zexy Premier with tank and shorts

A cute Snoopy in Seasons totes and lunch bags (I resisted)
La Marine Francaise (yup, it's easy to resist white totes)
Ete Shoulder bag and jewelry pouch... I really needed a bag so I caved in and bought he Kippis bag...After markup and tax (magazines are tax free but this is just a bag) it's double the Japanese retail so I am not sure it was a good decision.
The good part is that it's quite roomy with many compartments (inside and front and back), zipper is of high quality. It's just a little floppy.
My coin pouch is getting nasty so I also grabbed Mini with Mickey wallet. 
Quality is actually decent and it doesn't look too plasticky
No freebie on these
Snidel 2017 Autumn collection with a black bag
Smart with gym bag
Back Issue of Smart with sandals...I know it's a men's magazine but I could use that
Can't read...with pencil case (Friend say this should be blocked by FDA) abd Spring has a Mickey watch that doesn't look too solid
Maquia supposed to have two foundation brushes and sample(blocked, duh) and Voice with foundation sample
Rilakkuma stuff that thankfully I learn to resist


  1. I like your Kippis bag it's totally my style. Looks like a cloth/fabric bag.

    Magazines in Singapore are double the retail price in Japan too.

    1. Yup love those quilty ones (that can double up as pillow when I go to a really boring concert)...I just need to find a flat board to hold the base. Actually I have seen some freebie that are well worth the markup but lately it's all lame white totes.


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