Thursday, August 03, 2017

Early August Sighting - BCL, PMEL Ete, Saborino, Detclear and NYX

Another round of collective sighting from Chinatown and other places.
The individual display for BCL Beautymine oil lip tint. I bought the sheer red one from my last trip now I am back for the raspberry one. Review coming soon (when I have a sunny day off).
PMEL Ete brow and eyeliner that's supposed to be long wearing yet easily removed with regular face wash. 
Saborino morning mask that you just slap on and take off (as toner soaked cotton) in the morning.
Mini bag to test in case you don't want the 30-mask box.
More masks
Almay is on clearance at Duane Reade
Detclear cleanser to remove dead skin
I stopped by the NYX store and saw bunch of new items:Dose of dew face gloss, sculpting palette, Epic Ink lip dye and Hydra Touch oil primer
This is *not* everthing lip oil. A very generic runny oil with light to nothing pink tint. 
Ultimate eyeshadow palettes with four colors in matte,shimmer and metallic.
Urban Outfitters now carries a bit of pixi skincare. Well, Target will open in the city this fall so I finally get to see the whole range in person.
Too Cool for School is having a summer sale (still overpriced)
Lastly...Baby got back!


  1. LOL years ago I too stole a shot of baby got back ^.^

    1. I was trying to get a less blurry one but the crosswalk is too short..

  2. Is that a corgi? Looove corgi butts! ^-^

    So this Target in the city is a regular target, not a city target? That would be interesting!

    Have a great weekend, Mina. :)

    1. I am guessing a city target since they are squeezed in that old spot for herald square sephora...but I have hope...

      They should just put it in the empty space in one world Trade center...It got a ton of empty space anyway.


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