Thursday, August 31, 2017

And Other Stories Lip Balm in Motif Tangelo

Older readers of this blog would probably remember that back in the days, I loved and hoarded NYC Lip Slider. They were dirt cheap (three bucks regularly and I could always scored them on sale), very moisturuzing and came with a range of attractive and wearable bright colors. The range was long gone and it was only a few months ago, I saw its closest dupe, while browsing at & Other Stories.
& Other Stories Lip Balm in Motif Tangle came with this big tin with minimal design. What caught my attention was the familiar baked sweet scent that's identical to the good old lip slider. Maybe I got used to it or they actually toned down the formula, it doesn't seem as nauseating. The balm retails for 9 bucks and was made in Italy. 
Inside the aluminum tin, there is a plastic inner pot that houses the product.
The potted balm has a succulent texture that's a little harder (less oily or melty) compared to lip slider. Aside from that, it's very similar, just as moisturizing, longwearing and easy to pull off despite the bright tone.
The thick glossy balm doesn't feel gunky or thick as long as you use a lip brush (I feel like lip brush is a must for potted product), it goes on evenly and doesn't clog up even when I overload.
Motif Tangelo is a bright orange that's just orange enough to show but not so strong that it overwhelms. I think I will enjoy slathering on in upcoming fall and winter.

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