Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Quickie Review - Holysnails Smore and Sand Shark

I have reviewed Holysnails Shark Sauce and the comparable Stratia Rewind here, 
while I love both and prefer Rewind for its affordability (I stocked up two additional bottles during a flash sale), its glycerin-heavy formula became tacky for the heatwaves we are getting. Since Shark Sauce has a light watery gel texture that I loved last summer, I decided to splurge again. 

July 2017 marks the second anniversary of Holysnails. To celebrate, they rolled out all the monthly special editions of the Shark Sauce, available for a limited time. 
I got Smore and Sand Shark (May and June sauces) last month so here is a quickie, as they're not all that different from standard SS in terms of feel and performance. The details on each version isn't available on the site so I won't elaborate on the added benefit, because I noticed none.
 Smore Shark Ingredients - This has Cocoa Bioferment and marshmellow extract with no added scent (it smells like drool just the same). It works just like regular shark sauce that lightly hydrates and fades hyperpigmentation gently. 

It has a watery gel texture comes from sea kelp bioferment (something that causes break out in individuals). I can use it twice a day a moisturizer now that my skin doesn't require anything else.
Sand Shark Ingredients- This ones had wakame (different seaweed) ferment and antioxidant Astaxanthin. The only difference I can see is the darker color and that the fume it emits really stings my eyes.

Again, it's not that different from original shark. I have been using both Smore and Sand Shark for summer and they are great as one step hydrator after toner and right before sunscreen. I like them and may pick up Lemon Shark before it's phased out.

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