Monday, July 17, 2017

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer - Perfect Wave

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer is one of my prefered range by the brand (now thinking of it, my true favorite are probably ones without gummy tube like Jean Queen and Medieval) so I thought I might as well grab the pink when I already have sheer red and coral. Endless summer is generally lighter and brighter that imparts a slightly juicy sheen.
Perfect Wave is a bright punchy pink (I assumed it would be a cool bright pink) with a tad bit of unexpected milkiness.
It wasn't unflattering and the lipstick sits very well (smooth and moisturizing with no thin slippery feeling). I think I can get some uses out of it but I prefer a clear formula like Aloha and Stoked.


  1. I love these Endless Summer lippies and wonder why LQ discontinued them :( Interestingly enough, the milkiness in Perfect Wave disappears on my lips, but like you I definitely prefer Aloha and Stoked.

    1. Maybe it overlaps with some saints? I definitely prefer the happier orange tubes though.I just wish it was shiny...


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