Thursday, July 27, 2017

Late Summer 2017 Releases from Essence and Ecotool Brushes

If you use the related post widget...You will find out most of my pre-2015 spy cam posts have dead pictures (because I used photobucket and now they ask for 400 bucks a year for 3rd party hosting)...I guess they are gone for good since I don't even earn 100 a year from Google ads. Anyway, I am moving on and here are some newest sighting from Harmon!
From what's remaining on the display - Essence Eye Face palette, a canvas makeup bag, eyeliner (eyeshadow crayons aren't new)
 Oil Control paper (are actually made in Japan)
 New potted eyeshadow primer. It's a thin white one that seems rather smooth
 Color Correcting sticks
 Sheer Lipsticks (mostly sold out)
 Pure nude highlighter and All I Need concealer palette
 New packaging for the coverstick (I got one since it's quite handy for acne mark)
 A while back I saw all those Ecotool brushes at Marshalls and on clearance at stores. They are switching to a lighter handle and gunmetal ferrules.
Now I actually want to try the retractable face brush
Harmon's house brand Face Value also has a line of brushes

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