Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Japanese Magazine Freebies for Mid July 2017

Stopped by Kinokuniya window shopping for bags again...
Sweet has Mercury Duo bag, Otona no Oshare Techo (seems like Liniere aiming for a generation older) has a Tsumori Chisato bag (with cat zipper!)...Too bad I don't like the side with the white part
Bijin Hyakka has Jill Stuart Pencil or brush case
Seventeen has a pink bag that's see through from the back. Not that many magazine freebie but I guess the September issues won't be out for a few more days
Mook time. Mamuang tote
It's cute but I am not sure if I want to look so openly dorky in the public...Plus, 20-30 for a simple tote and not that much content is too steep
Mezzo Piano and X-Girl stage. I am too old for these
Kippis has a cute and big bag (looks a bit like diaper bag but well...) The problem is that it's marked up to over 30 bucks here...Nope.
Bape Kid has a cartoon brief case?
Gudetama and Sumikko Gurashi totes...cute but too expensive
Here is a my thermal lunch tote from last month's Liniere. Stitching is so well-done!


  1. The Mercury duo bag by sweet magazine looks tempting. Guess the studs appeal to me.

    1. It looks quite well made as well...It looks a bit valentino (I dont know bags so I might as well be BS ing)...

    2. Haha you mean the Valentino studs that are found in their beautiful pointy heels? Will probably get this issue of Sweet once there is 20% off Kinokuniya sale in Singapore. How much is it retailing in the US?

    3. It's usually 15.99 bucks for the ones with freebie. And around 11-12 for ones without (or blocked by custom)...So,if the freebie is a pair of socks it's pretty laughable...

    4. Why would people want to buy such an expensive magazine for the socks? Aren't socks cheap universally?

    5. But Gakki is on the cover(and i like her!)so they might get it
      for the content ...

      I guess their pr only managed getting socks...same thing with the alexander wang pill box (on Elle)that was here for over 2 months.


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