Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Early July Japanese Magazines

Happy Amurica day! Here are some neighbourhood hydrangea (guess my hood has acidic soil) and bunch of backlogged (but still relevant) magazine spy pictures.
No freebie from Mina (Takahata Mistuki is sporting a burgundy eyeliner look that I am digging...must try to replicate). Ginger is giving away...socks...Oh lord.
(... --___--...)
August issue of Liniere has a cute (and very well made, cause I bought it) thermal lunch bag plus bento wrap with rubber tie (I need it to match my uniqlo tee with the same cat print)
Not sure what freebie is (some mini issue tucked in?). Takahata is really popular right now it seems. She was the covergirl for last (July) issue of Maquia.
Biteki (would have) Flowfushi lash serum (got intercepted by custom). That's an issue I would like to buy...Voce has some skincare sample.
Maquia has scalp messager (or is it for cellulite?) and sample. You still get 20% off though.
Muse and Glow with boring white totes
Bijin Hyakka with card case and none for Nonno
Sweet with little bag and the Alexander Wang pill case on Elle is still not selling (lol)
Cancam with LED beach ball (wut?) and Zipper with phone camera filter
Mook - Plain People with plain black bag
Laundry and Gomme. I actually like them but the mooks are too pricey...Lastly, some random shots from my phone
After weeks of rainy weather...We finally get some blue sky!

My favorite photo spot in Central Park is closing. No...I got beautiful green bokeh here thanks to shades and light.

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