Saturday, July 01, 2017

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge PK-299

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge is one of my not-quite budget lipsticks (they are found in Japanese drugstore but only a few bucks cheaper than high end). While I was picking up their summer 2016 shades (one of which I love), I also got the new (at the time) release that's permanent.  
Package is the same light weight gold plated plastic. Easily scratched but at least it was super shiny when new.
PK299 Looks like a bright candy coral with negligible shimmer. Of course that's not how it looks on the lips. 
Innisfree Cream Mellow 04  and PK 299. Coffret D'Or (since I got ripped off by the brick-and-mortar store, Innisfree was just a few bucks cheaper than Coffret D'Or) has a much smoother glide and light weight wear. 
  It appears that lipsticks follows an all-or-none rule on my mouth, if they are deeper than my lip color, they will show up well (usually brightened a little). If the shades are lighter than my lip color, even by a bit, they turn into a cool toned milky pink...Anyway, the model swatch on the site does look really similar to what I get so I think this is how it's supposed to turn out. 

While I really like two of the four Premium Stay Rouge, the other two I could do without. I simply don't wear milky shades, no matter how nice the formula is. 


  1. Yeah, the color is slightly milky on me too. I think I'm going to pass it on to mum in law who loves these pinks ^.^

    1. Weirdly i just looked at pk304 (the LE shade that turns milky cool pink)and it doesnt look so bad...maybe I should try it on a different day to see how it looks.

    2. Nah. Been trying mine now and again and it's still milky. Bleh. In fact, I'm passing on a few similar colors to her. They work really well for her. Not so much for me. She squeals every time I tell her I have goodies for her to try.


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