Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chinatown Sighting July 18th 2017 - BCL, Koji and More

It's that time of the week, I am back from another Sunday trip to Chinatown.
For a second I thought it was roasted chicken...Anyway, New Kam Man got new goodies again and this time they are lip products!
BCLBeauty Mine's lip oil tint...Yup, got the red one.
Coupy Design lip balm and cheek tint blotter
More lip balm
Koji C Tive lip tint
Sana toner spray
Sana rich moisturizer
I went to get some longan...Got distracted by the bright red lychee that were super cheap...
And...the color came off when I was peeling them...I went back again (today) and other vendors are selling the same dyed lot as well (same price as the loose rusty colored ones). They are not that sweet and come with huge pits. Total waste of 10 bucks...
Now just random snapshots

Coconut Jerry...
From my own neighbourhood. Deep purple hydrageas
Jordana is on clearance at Duane Reade...Sad. I picked up the matte lip color in tiramisu.
A bunch of BareMinerals products showed up at Marshalls: PrepStep primer with physical sunscreens (I almost picked it up but I found out it's really tinted and feels like heavy foundation), some lip balm, foundation. There were also some Bite Cream Lipstick for 7 bucks only.  Yup, I bought two to try.


  1. Urgh. Look at that dye coming off on your hand! I hate it when they pull BS like that! Did you get more Longan after all?

    1. Yup.I went yesterday after work... Now I am having 2lbs of longan and 2lbs of red cherries for lunch...somehow I have 9 mangoes stocked.

  2. I keep forgetting about this New Kam Man place. Must visit soon! I too buy fruits from the street vendors like that sometimes. Didn't know about dyed fruits at all! :o

  3. It's a grocery store but 2nd floor is mostly japanese skincare and limited selection of makeup (mostly mascara liners)...Ume Cosme at east village has much better selection for makeup (but watch for mark up)...


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