Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Give Me Mocha

I know, I can't wear matte but do you know what else I can't do? I can't resist 40% off sale. When I saw these Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit for 3 dollars at Rite Aid, I grabbed three without hesitation. Ideally a review of three next to each other would be more straight forward, but since these are so long wearing(hard to rub off), I decided I can only handle one at a time. 
Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit has pretty decent packaging that's not flimsy or a scratch-magnet. I don't have high expectation when it comes to budget brands but at least it's not one of those eyesores WnW used to have (like their lipsticks).
Applicator is curved doe foot. 
Give Me Mocha is a gorgeous red based brown that's grown-up but really modern (not auntie at all). On my mouth, it turns into the exact shade of dried rose that I want from other brand (but they always go grandma mauve on me). 
On the lips, it has a relatively light feel and a very close (to lip line) fit. As time goes on it makes my lips increasingly prune-like. I love the color but I suppose it's just like most matte lip color out there, I can't wear it.


  1. interesting! I like longwearing but not matte, so I'll pass

    1. Same...never get the matte trend (it's so uncomfortable).

  2. This is actually a nice color! I only tried their lighter colors bc I thought the dark ones would be too dark

    1. Coral corruption was really pretty as well (doesn't look cheap at all)I would love them if they are creamy gloss...


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