Sunday, June 04, 2017

Too Faced Creamy Peach Oil Gloss in Tickle Me Peach

When Too Faced released this massive collection of peach-everything, I stayed far far away as I am averse to big hypes (usually turn out to be a big MEH). Later on, after having played with some testers in store, I thought I should try the Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Gloss. 

 Given my experience with these mid-range brands, I expected very little from it. All I need was a quick pick-me-up and something to complain about. I got the former and none of the latter.
Too Faced has always been this playful brands with kitschy graphic. In recent years, they have dialed up their cute factors and now I actually find them endearing? Like a old family friend who is trying too hard but is totally upfront about it. Anyway, the packaging of the Peach Oil Gloss is light weight and matching the color of the glosses. It's cute but the mini/chubby little version of this is much more adorable.
The top has that hard sticker that reminds me of 90s stick on earrings (I would totally buy those again).
The applicator is a long flabby doe foot that's got some bounce. It soaks and dispenses reasonable amount of gloss. From my swatching in store, it seems that Tickle Me Peach is the only shade that I would wear (others are either bright carrot orange or got that milky base).
Ticket Me Peach is a reddish orange coral that's muted (or neutralized) a little on my lips (into a candy coral). The gloss does have a unique light weight oil feel that provides a close fit and soft shine. It wears like a stain that doesn't suck moisture out of my lips. The scent is strong candied fruit, something that I personally don't mind.

I didn't expect to but I totally love this. Now let's hope they release other non-milky shades.


  1. OMG I totally remember the stick on earrings
    I was like 9 and my parents didn't want to buy it so I stole it :x the first and only thing I've ever stolen lol I was very heavily reprimanded
    I really wanted to love this lip gloss but I think glosses should have a glassy shine

    1. I haved tried too many glassy one so I don't mind some changes. In a way it's more like a non drying stain.


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