Friday, June 09, 2017

Tom Ford Clutch Sized Lip Balm in Fathom

Being the packaging whore I am, it sure took me long enough to dabble into the world of Tom Ford. This posh beauty brand makes one of the most expensive lipsticks (and eyeshadow, blushes etc.) in the market. While the full sized lipstick are over 50 bucks, Tom Ford also makes minis sized lipstick for a slightly more agreeable 37 bucks. 

This summer, a range of clutch sized lip balms were released as a part of their Soleil (I think their past summer is also named Soleil?) collection. I got one just so I get to own and touch one of the pretty white tubes.
My first reaction was that the paper box is noticeably thicker and of higher quality than the boxes by other brand. Doesn't matter, still recycled.
The tube is white with gold trimming. I am not a fan of gold but I got to admit this design is rather attractive and in no way gaudy. While it looks really expensive and has a nice weight. The detail isn't perfect that the paint job around the trimming and inside the cap are a bit uneven (that looks like the paint is chipped a little). 

That's just me nitpicking since (I spend a huge chunk of my free time gazing at lipstick tubes) the brand is all about packaging.
(Yes, another sheer red) Fathom is a sheer cool red that inevitably turned brighter pink on me. The round tip balm has a hard candy sort of feel that a thin layer of color deposits easily on skin, without any wobbling. There is no scent or taste. 
Tom Ford Fathom, Revlon Crisp Apple and Chicca Lucent Red
On my lips, Fathom is a raspberry pink with an understated finish, like a Popsicle stain. It's a bit moisturizing when my lips aren't parched but most of the time it doesn't do much. The Clutch sized lip balm is not an outstanding formula but then again, I can't find a 3-dollar analog to it (like I did with Bobbi Brown lip tint) so it's good enough I guess? It's worth collecting but I wouldn't want a second one.


  1. I think the round-tipped bullet is neat, but I'd rather spend my money on Chicca (eyeing Lucent Red and Red Rose!).

    1. Yeah, Lucent red is much prettier. Actually now I have tried the cooler red (Moon fire). I still prefer the warmer ones.

  2. I honestly only get Tom Ford for packaging. Their formulas seem very underwhelming for the price


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