Monday, June 12, 2017

Mid June Sightings - Japanese Magazine and Drugstore Goodies

 More July 2017 issues are out! In Red has another Moomin tote with a thermal inner pouch...
 (Can read the whole name...Sorry) this one has a bland backpack
 Steady has a cat pouch and mirror
 Mooks - The Marble Stud looks kind of cute. I like the Peanuts backpack as well but for 30 bucks, I might as well wait for a month (for back to school season) and get an actual one
Angelic Pretty with Letter pochette and Aheaheum with a reversible cat/floral bag. Hmmm, should I go get it?
Spotted at New Kam Man - Kiss You electric toothbrush with ionic action (that doesn't require toothpaste and with battery that lasts for a year).
 Botantic Allbright skincare
Wonder Woman makeup


  1. I'm going to pretend that I didn't see the Moomin tote

    1. I wish I didn't see the double sided cat-floral tote. Now I want it for a work trip(I don't have a large bag)....


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