Thursday, June 01, 2017

Japanese Magazine Freebies - Early June Edition

Confession time, they were actually from May (last Saturday) and most of them are the newly released July issues.
Love Kyoto has a little handbag by RAAK (I want her dress though)
Biteki has camera selfie light and mask (confiscated), Ginger has a white tote
Bland lunch bag
 Foxley has a backpack
No freebie on these. Speaking of which, on Vivi who is the girl on 12 and 6 o'clock positions? I thought both of them look like Tamaki Tina?
Spring and Glow- Black and white bag/tote
No freebie
Muse has cute (cat!) nylon lunch bag 
Cancam has a magical (they call it magical, not me) selfie light. I am very tempted...
Look it's Nakajima Yuto and another kid (I stopped paying attention to Johnny's for 2.5 years already...) and Trump's
Basic sewing books- The styles are right up my alley but I decided not to buy because the fabric would just cost a lot...
More sewing patterns

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