Friday, June 23, 2017

Anna Sui Glitter Lip Gloss

Last thanksgiving, the Anna Sui store at Soho was running a 20% off black item sale (that's like 90% of their makeup) and being bored, I got a few items just to remember the good old days...
Since I remember I liked their glosses back then, I decided to try the newer glitter lip gloss in 305. I am not sure what the inspiration was but it looks like some sort of vintage cushion chair and the base of a dress. It wasn't hideous or clunky so I don't mind having it in my bag.
Applicator was doe foot, no change from previous generation.
305 is a clear coral red with chunky glitter (that shift around when the gloss rubs off) that's easy enough to wear. The gloss is a mildly tacky gel that's not goopy and can act as moisturizing balm. It's decent but it's nothing outstanding as I have tried various formula that are unique and innovative.

What bugs me is that the formula is exactly the same as the rose-capped ones I bought 7 years ago (that range was released around 2006). Apparently, Albion (maker of Anna Sui makeup) never bothered to do anything to the formula for the past 10 years. 

Instead, all they did was coming up with daring/fugly packaging (OK, the summer 2017 actually looks splendid while the upcoming fall collection is the cheapest design to date). Now I am not surprised that it's pulled from Taiwan (with Paul and Joe and Laduree) recently. What a waste of shelf space...

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