Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

I remember back in the good old days, Stila was my favorite non-drugstore (but not quite high end either, as it was easily found on discount sites) brands, thanks to their cheeky blushers and delightful eyeshadow palettes. I lost interest when they switched management team and had only picked up a few lip glazes in discount sets (and ended up hating them as they switched to a gunkier formula).
Anyway, Sephora was offering the mini Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso as a point perk, it seemed fun enough to try. I don't normally like gold packaging but the matte version by Stila actually still looks young and playful.
The two on the left are Wet n Wild Pink Really Hard and Give Me Mocha. Beso is an intense neutral red in an inky consistency. Unlike other lip colors with a creamy or -coney base, this is in a dense liquid ink that dries and stays on. Over the time it makes my lips prune-like, luckily not turning into lip line galore.
With a color this dramatic, it's essential that it stays where it's supposed to be. While normal lipstick or glosses (unless it's really cheap and slippy)would more or less spread themselves onto my lips, the Stila liquid lipstick is very hard to control without a lip liner (something that I never use).

 Beso goes over the border easily, no matter what I use (the applicator or my own lip brush). Once it dries, the color starts to feather and gave the already shoddily applied boundary a fuzzier look. I suppose the color is pretty in a rather dramatic, dressed up (trying to praise a color that I never wear) way and the formula isn't terrible...I just happen to hate this particular formula.

Well, removal of this wasn't painful. I needed cotton pad, micellar water and some rubbing. It came off and stain my whole mustache area red.


  1. wow, that is a dramatic color that I'll never touch. kudos to you for trying!

    1. I need to use the point somehow...100pt perks are much better than larger set anyway. Mini lipsticks looks so cute in pictures too...

  2. That looks like a pretty red color! I don't feel comfortable wearing bright reds but I always like to own them. Hahah (:

    1. I can't do bold red since it makes me look like nothing but a mouth(sheer red is totally different). I like trying minis like this though...


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