Friday, May 19, 2017

Revlon Kiss Balm, HD Lip Color and Colorstay Moisture Stain

Two weeks ago while I was replenishing my ice cream stock, I noticed Revlon was on a 40% off promotion. I haven't paid much attention to the brand for the last three years (but I never stopped bitching about it in my spy cam posts) so I thought maybe I should try some of the newer releases. 
The Kiss Balm is a new range from this spring. It's a range of sheer tinted balm with a bit of shine and delicious candy scents. The stick is harder than Maybelline Baby Lips and less slippery. I got Crisp Apple, a warm red. 
It gives a light gloss on healthy lips and moisturizes a bit. The dome is quite convenient for application as well. It's nothing outstanding but works well enough at the 3-dollar sale price.
Ultra HD Gel Lip Color is a slim tubed lipstick. I usually think a slim tube is for a very squishy or melty kind of formula. 
The Revlon HD gel isn't that soft, it glides easily enough and deposit quite a bit of color with high intensity and opacity (They could call it gel since it's not 100% opaque).
I got HD Lava (another warm red) the formula isn't too travel-prone but it still slips around a little bit. It's an serviceable lipstick but I thought the overall look is clown bright on me. It isn't a terrible product but when compared to the old formula from Revlon or shade selection from current Wet n Wild/NYX, HD Lava doesn't fill and void in the market.
Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain was first out in the summer of 2014 and I finally got to try it as it's being phased out. I picked up Miami Fever and I guess the stock is pretty old that it's already clotted...
Still trying to get one use out of it...I assume the formula would be somewhat like L'Oreal Gloss Stain. 
Crisp Apple, Miami Fever and HD Lava

Overall: These are mediocre (at best) and I could have gotten two fancy sandwiches instead. I really need to stop wasting my money and time on Revlon.


  1. I haven't been into Revlon releases bc their packaging hasn't impressed me. I like Maybelline's lipsticks the most!

    1. I haven't gotten any Maybelline for a long while (the only sheer lip color they have is baby lips). I think I need to stop wasting my time/money on drugstore because when I have a bunch of products around me, I always reach for the expensive ones....


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