Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Japanese Magazine Freebie - All About Totes

A picture of azaleas because they make better cover...

Instead of buying random makeup (that I end up not loving) at Sephora or Macy's,  I decided Kinokuniya is a better place to kill time before concerts. My knowledge in Japanese is still too poor to read books but they have magazines and magazines have freebies! Since my everyday bag (one in deep olive green) is a little too deep for summer, I decided it was time to shop for the magazine section of Kinokuniya.
At the center, there is Sweet with (what it looks like) a very well made Mickey Tote. I love it but would rather not buy anything with Saeko (yup, the covergirl) on it (she played quite a few obnoxious roles in  dramas...).

Bijin Hyakka with Lanvin makeup bag. I like Izumi Risa but I am curious if people get lured by big brand name slapped onto a freebie.
25ans has a sequin pouch. Domani and Eclat doesn't have any.
Glow has a bland one with initials
April issue (guess it's not selling) has a tote. I like the outfit though. Rosy has a makeup pouch and some mask (that didn't get through thanks to FDA, instead they are 20% off)
CanCam has a makeup brush that got blocked. Why?
I love prints of Tsumori Chisato and I love green but somehow this is a little fugly? The Love Nordic on upper right is cute though.
SM2 with 3 way bag
In Red has a straw tote.
Nonno doesn't have freebie but I like their models.
I used to like Mina so much 10 years ago because it has my name written allover it (implicit egotism?) ... The style is so cute, girl next door and it has a bit of everything. Now it's just what it calls itself, a basic fashion magazine without a theme. Anyway, the makeup here (with red eyeliner) is really cute though.
Vicka, Fudge, latest Mina (another red liner!) and Cluel
Two mooks - I Hana and Ungrid
Found the one I like enough to have bought! The June issue of Liniere has three Moomins totes, the medium one fits my camera and the small is good for key/metro card/bus pass and flash drive.The quality is good enough for everyday use.

When I flipped through the magazine at home, I realized this magazine is totally my style! Actually, I was wearing the same color scheme as the cover (yellow dress with silk long cardigan) on that day. 

(Not sure if it's bad English or they are trolling). I totally have a few of dresses like these.
That color! The puff sleeves! The socks! I want Nonen Reina's whole outfit.
My own earrings kind of blend right in (these are amber, natural and heat-treated green ones from mineral show). 
Handmade (by me) pearl earrings and the models. I prefer my own of course...The photography style of Liniere is really clean and closed to life, something I prefer over the overly editorial ones.
Another self made earrings (that will get lots of wear during summer). I loved the content of the June issue so I grabbed the freshly released July one...

It was quite disappointing. The outfit are nice (kind of the same old higher end take on Muji through out) content are much less thoughtful (they didn't even try too hard for the cover!). The freebie bags and bus pass case are usable but badly stitched... 

And I thought I found my favorite magazine.
Elle has Alexander Wang...pill case and pouch? I understand people who buy designer brands for design and/or higher quality...but pill case? How can I show my great/expensive taste with those?
Back to Mook - This one is from Qpot
I am sure this is not Chanel (because it was around 40 bucks before 30% off discount). I want it as a gag gift for myself though.
Rilakkuma Towel Bag (well there is no onsen closed by)and Mysteric Mini
Spur has a leSportsac tote
More straw bag. 
I stopped by Uniqlo to look for sundress and saw these Jason Polan totes! They are small but lined and very sturdy. Maybe I will get the pretzel ones later (or just wait for magazines).
Love the store front too! 


  1. Awww, I wish I lived near a Kinokuniya! But then again, what would I do with the many tote bags I've collected thus far? =.="

    1. I went there today again and saw really cute lunch bags...It just means that instead of paying 10ish on tote alone, I got freebie magazine instead...It's only my 5th time there but I guess one day it will get really boring.


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