Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mamonde Oil Shine Stick in Sensual Wine

Mamonde is an Amore Pacific brand that I don't know much about. Thanks to the new Aritaum store in Chinatown, I got myself some affordable new toys. The first product I picked up was the Oil Shine Stick. 
My lipstick choice are usually very predictable that I go for sheer red, warm coral or bright pink most of the time. While I was swatching the testers, I noticed a No.3 Sensual Wine that looks rather unique. I thought maybe it would be another one of those edgy brown reds like RMK Irresistible Glow Lips
The color coordinated packaging of the Oil Shine Stick is great for storage and easy retrieval.  For a budget product, the tube is nicely designed without scratchable bits or easily stained surface.
Sensual Wine is a warm red with very fine shimmer. Even the overall color is warm, it has a cool magenta base color that reveals itself in thicker layers. When you wipe off the glossy color, the lipstick leaves a hot pink stain.
The product is just as marketed, giving a comfortable wear with a slight oily shine. Like the Innisfree lipstick, this has that yummy fruity flower smell that makes me crave Kasugai flower Kiss (the Asian grocery store only sell their gummies). I found myself constantly doing duckface while I was wear it.
One or two layers of Sensual Wine gives a just bitten warm berry tint. With more swipes, the cool base color and the shimmers becomes more apparent.
I am not a fan of this kind of berry (warm or cool), which looks a little dated (like the female villain from late 90s K-drama. Anybody watched Tomato?) but it's nonetheless a good sheer lipstick at its 12-dollars price range. The quality is as good as that of Maybelline, Revlon (in their glory days) and some sheer ones from MAC. 

If you hoard as many lipsticks as I do, Mamonde Oil Shine Stick won't impress much. If anything, it gave me new found appreciation for the brown red RMK (the wear the feel and the color are way superior). 


  1. Aww...that's too bad. I think the color is super pretty, and pretty on you too!

    1. It is pretty (like whatever actress I think is pretty but I don't care for)...

      I just don't like this kind of color (really sick of anything that leaves a hot pink stain)...


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