Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Late May Japanese Skincare Sightings - Rhoto, Kose and Scary Mask

So...I go to Chinatown almost every week (especially there is an express train from Carnegie Hall to Canal street that takes like 15 minutes). When I was last hoarding snacks there, I noticed more product at New Kam Man.
Rohto Melano CC Toner, Mask (the Melano CC serum isn't here, because it's labeled as "medicated") and Hada Labo Kiwamizu (moisturizing toner?)  
I suppose this is a great deal, a bottle of Hakujun toner (Gokujun with whitening ingredients) 
Makeup removers, Bifesta has cute Hello Kitty prints!
 Colorful Series Handcream
Kumamon cream (the packaging is just a simple sticker, not worth it for collector). I like the Hatomugi toner on the right, even it took me forever to go through the 500ml.
Kose Kokutosei - Skincare range with fermented black sugar 
Pumice stone for elbow and feet
 DHC Beauty Bento
 Face Slimming Mask (too expensive for gag-purchase though, I wanted the pink one)
 Masage spoon and hair towel
Samourai (body care?) - I thought the whole range is feminine wash (that would be to excessive...)
I thought it's a funny they would name a womanly brand Samourai (because it was spelled the the French way?)
 Who spends 10 dollars on a konjac sponge? The same type who buy 15-dollars one from Boscia maybe? (By the way, the Boscia one ended up in Marshall for 5 bucks, it was pretty limp and totally worse than other Marshalls options).
Makeup sponge. I bought square one for powder compact  (forgot to take picture though)

 And here is the reason I go to Chinatown a lot: The fruit and veggie stands!
 I totally look like this grandma when the vendor is weighting the goodies...
 If you see these pricey lychee (one bunch will set you back for 24 bucks), they are totally worth the splurge as it's juicy, succulent and crisply sweet. It has been two days since I was there and I want to go back already, for lychee and jackfruit.


  1. Those lychees look delicious! The ones sold here are pre-frozen and therefore a deep brick red and not a nice raspberry red as in your photo. And of course they're neither as juicy nor as sweet :(


    1. I tried the fronzen ones a week earlier...Totally not worth the 4 bucks.

  2. Oh my. Were lychees always this expensive??

    1. Nope. Regular ones are 4 dollars a pound but this particular species 糯米糍 is really sweet with tiny seed. I guess it's either expensive to plant or expensive to get here fresh...It was definitely 3x better than the regular ones. I don't it it at Chinatown very often. Shall look again...


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