Thursday, May 04, 2017

K-Beauty Stores in Chinatown and other sightings

So...I realized I was running low on snacks again(I didn't hoard that many on Sunday) so I went to Chinatown again (I needed to go to the city for my monthly ticket haul anyway so I might as well take the subway south)...This time I took some pictures of the stores!
 Aritaum at Mott and Grand (plus or minus one block). This is fairly new (not the Amore store shown on google map)
 The Saem on Canal and Center (which has been on grand opening for over a month). I don't think doing very well consider Chinatown is usually full on chaotic...
While you are on Canal - Stop by the Canal Cafe for excellent and affordable sandwiches and egg tarts (a dollar for two!) they also sell noodles and quick lunch box. 
 Not really related but Kyung Wha Chung is playing Bach at Carnegie Hall! The best part is that I managed to score an obstructed view box-seat ticket for a really good price! The concerts that are not presented by Carnegie Hall are usually much more expensive and not eligible for members discount. Having an obstructed view is next best thing. When it's a solo recital like this, the 1/3 of the view that's blocked would be empty part of stage anyway. 
Here is an old video of her playing Bruch 1st.  That girlish smile at the very end just broke my girl crush meter...
 I got another picture of Deluxe Meat Market - Because you need to visit that place. 

Now to some not really interesting sightings from Harmon (I just couldn't stop taking pictures of shiny new displays).
 Limited edition Cover Girl Katy Kat Pearl Collection
Katy Kat Pearl eyeshadow/highlighter and Kat Eye mascara
 That muted orange actually looks tempting.
 Healthy Elixir Foundation
 Almay Instant Glow Highlighter
 Real Technique Fresh Face Favorite
More single brushes - Not new I guess
Ecotools Anniversary sets. I wonder if the brand is being discontinued since everthing was on clearance.


  1. Wow, New York must be a makeup mecca haven. All these brands.

    1. I feel like it's a mecca for all sorts of thing (Especially classical music)...I think they also have smaller stores that sell other hard to find brands (viseart, rouge bunny rouge etc) but now many smaller stores are being taken over by chain stores... A teavana (tea shop) was replaced by starbucks. I felt a little sad about it.

  2. Oh, I'm so excited that she will play again! The last time what I heard about her was from her student who had a small concert with me. She had given up on playing because her wrist was messed up quite badly. And thanks for sharing the video. Watching it again makes me feel all fuzzy and nostalgic. Hope you enjoy the concert! :)

    1. I am pretty sure I will love it (partially because I know nothing about violin and can't nitpick) Either way, being one of my ultimate girl crushes/ the other is Argerich. I bow to them unconditionally.


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