Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress in Precious Bracelet

 For the past two years, it seems that Kose Jill Stuart was on steroid: They have been coming up with all sorts of new ranges of products and limited editions. There were two separate themed collections for last fall and more than three (I lost count) with this summer, not counting skin, body care items and packaging revamp. Given I was already quite smitten with their designs, I bound to fall for one item each season. I did and now it's time to catch up.

From fall 2016 Dual My Face, I decided an eyeshadow palette was not enough. I also needed the antique bronze gold on a lipstick.
Just like the eyeshadow, the lipstick comes with matching dark brown box. I always recycle them (I am a maker user first, package hoarder on the side) but always enjoy seeing extra detail like this.
I always thought I have high tolerance for  overload of dreamy princess elements but I finally found my boundary (here, at Rouge My Dress). When I first opened the box, I was like "No way I am applying this in the public..."
This clunky metal (plated on plastic) floral cage, with rhinestone and Greek pillar base, way too ornate for me. The lipstick is clunky, light weight (feels cheap) but very well-made. The plating is even and seamless. It's too much for everyday but quite a sight in one's collection. I would prefer the inner casing (the one underneath the cage)to be bronze gold instead of silver but it's not a big issue.
Same gem cut that goes away after one swipe. Buying lipstick sight unseen can be quite risky (consider I don't like many lipsticks I bought in person as I don't use testers on my mouth) but I always thought Japanese brands makes it a little easier because their often sheer texture...When I saw the promo picture (not far off from what you are seeing here), I thought 19 Precious Bracelet would be a juicy warm coral...
Nope, it's a creamy, near opaque white based cantaloupe (The one on  the  right is Rimmel matte) with a patchy, slippery formula feels like gunk. I don't actively search for this kind of the lipstick so I don't have much to compare it to. The color feels similar  to Physicians Formula Happy Booster Lipstick but a bit better. Still a little yucky.
Precious Bracelet swiped on the usual way. It becomes more wearable slightly dabbed on (and I suppose it's not completely hideous since I have worn it twice, outdoor). It's probably more suitable for paler people who are into this kind of look. I think western brands make better creme shades...

I love hating it and actually bought two before testing out the formula (hey, at least the other has limited desigh). To be continued.

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