Sunday, April 02, 2017

Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow in BR-799

Back in the good old days, Majolica Majorca had an impressive line up of eye palettes and is known for coming up with tempting limited edition shades each season. Now the brand has slowed down quite a bit (I do enjoy using their newer limited shades though) but there are still some gem to be discovered in the permanent range.  BR799 is one of their classics that I have heard numerous times on Chinese and Taiwanese blogs. 

Aside from the alphanumeric code, almost all of Majolica palettes (and singles) have a name. While on the Japanese site BR799 is named 妖艳(Coquette in Chinese? The same kanji could mean totally different things in Chinese and Japanese) while Taiwan site calls it 皮革玫瑰 Rose Leather (HK site only shows the number). 
The layout is same old same old: Useless illuminating cream pan that makes shadow crease, glittery highlight, lid and liner shade. 
The highlight is a clear peach beige glitter, lid shade is a pretty standard cool taupe in a generic satiny shimmery finish. The reddish brown is speckled with sparkles but has a drier matte-like finish that add depth near the lash line. At first I thought the combo is just too boring and the taupe isn't all that special.
 On the eyes it ended up looking interesting and flattering: The taupe gained some silvery purple tinge and the peachy beige highlight gives the whole look a glossy clarity. The liner adds depth without creating too much smoke. It's a combo that really enlarge my eyes without looking too heavy. I can totally see why this shade was so talked about back then. 
I suck at blending (but it looks ok as soon as I opened my eyes). Anyway, the texture of Majolica Illuminator is soft and easy to dig out and blend with brush and the sponge tip applicator.  Another keeper from MJ.


  1. I have this! I think, haha. Need to check.

    1. You know you have too many palettes when...

    2. Lol, yes. Actually don't think I have this

  2. The details on the creamy base(or whatever that is)! Another reason not to touch it ever aside being not very useful. LOL

    All three colors look seamless and well-blended on your eyes, actually. Very pretty!

    1. It will end up smudged anyway since the fallout will manage to land on that pan sooner or later. I actually like all of my majo palettes so I just hoarded another one!


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