Friday, April 14, 2017

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara and Perfect Automatic Eyeliner in VI777

Hai y'all. Spring is finally here (nope those are blossoms from last year). It's time to clean up more backlog from 2015. I am currently stuck inside a train(NJ Transit, the way to get stuck)so I might as well...
The theme for Majolica Majorca Fall/Winter 2015 was for Romantic Night and as soon as I saw the promo, I knew I needed the set with the purple mascara and eyeliner. 
Lash Expander Edge Meister is a lengthening fibrous mascara that goes on relatively lightly. You don't get crazy volume or length but the inky formula defines and extends lashes noticeably. Even though VI777 looks like a glimmering violet in the tube, on the eyes it's more of a deep navy that can be used everyday. 

I like the formula since it completes an eye look without clump and while the formula is tenacious, it doesn't take a special remover or half an hour of my life to remove. 
It looks limp and thin but it's just my own lame Asian lashes (no complaint about those as I also have very little body hair). 
Eyeshadow (although quite similar) isn't that purple gray from the same collection. Instead, it's by another Shiseido brand...Nars Lhasa (It has been since 2000 but I didn't know it until last year).
The perfect automatic liner is one that you twist to dispense. The nylon brush tip is bouncy (in a plastic way) and comes with the potential to be precise. It's not ultra fine mainly because the liquid is thick and pasty.
VI777 liner is, again, a deep navy in a black base. Both the shimmer and the color are visible on the eyes but still wearable enough for work environment. 
Overall. I like the set and look forward to see new colored mascara releases from MJ (but I do wish they release more limited palettes instead).

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