Thursday, April 27, 2017

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Another review I have been holding on for ages. It's not that I was undecided about the product, I was hesitant to put it up because...Oh snap, my skin condition was officially shitty enough I was buying and reviewing foundation. Anyway, It Cosmetics's 25% off friends and family sale is still going on (ends tomorrow the 28th) so this review might be helpful to some. 
Knowing how the shades would be like (fair being too pale while light is too dark and yellow) I ordered two travel size last fall.  The tint tubes are rather convenient and look beaten up when they are in my bag too long. 

I am too lazy to copy the ingredients here but just like the Illumination version, IT Cosmetics your skin but better CC+ cream is made in Korea, has snail slime as the main ingredient and titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as sunscreen. The second half of the list is filled with this and that extracts that doesn't mean a hell lot. 
The foundation (sorry I gave up, all double-alphabet cream are foundation with gimmicky names for me)has runny cream gel texture that's scented like artificial citrus. A pea size is usually what I need for my whole face and its coverage is quite heavy-duty yet natural (non cakey).  As long as I don't have a freshly picked face, a small amount usually covers every bit of marks and discoloration between my nose and cheeks. It sinks inside pores a but that can be fixed by proper moisturizing. I hate base product with a -coney filling texture anyway.

I am quite impressed by the fact that it does offer the your skin but better finish,while being a fully functional cover up. 
My main issue with It Cosmetics YSBB is the shade selection (I got a tube of medium from Sephora as point perk, the cashier took 2x 100points for the single tube though...What a butt): While the fair is being too light on me, light (isn't too dark to be unusable) manages to be too yellow and grayish/dull on my skin. Of course, medium is just straight orange.

While the shade light is still very much usable by itself (especially with weaker winter lighting or at night time), I am not crazy about having a slightly sallower and duller complexion (winter circulation already does that, thanks) along with the  coverage. 

Mixing is an option but it's hard to control the squeeze tube to only dispense half a small glob that I need. I certainly don't want two full sized tubes just to get the shade match (or get a whitener because that means paying  both money and effort).
Nonetheless, I am quite impressed by the formula and think it's certainly worth the hype (but not my hyperpigmentation). Luckily, I finally figured out a barrier-repair, mark-fading routine. Now I can get away with using the sunscreen as foundation. Maybe I should try It Cosmetics concealer instead?

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