Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Biore Bright Face Milk and Anessa Perfect Essence Sunscreen

It looks like spring is here at last so it's now time to put more effort into sun protection. Here are two suncreens I got before I realize that I was sensitive to certain chemical filters, I have since repurposed them to arms and legs just to be safe.
I bought this Biore UV Bright Face Milk while I was visiting China last year. Now I wonder how old is this stock since it seems like this particular SPF and PA level was discontinued in 2014. 

The post-2014 version has PA++++ and has Uvinul A+ and Tinosorb S in addition to the same old Octinoxate, Tin Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. 
The Bright Face Milk has an obvious pink tinge and offers a matte touch with some hidden shimmer. I have tried it on my face several  times but didn't like it because it was quite heavy on the alcohol and silicone that it got a fake-smooth feel to it (also didn't feel like loading it on as needed). After continuous use, it gave me some clogged pores and small bumps (not inflamed) probably due to the high percentage of alcohol and -cones.

Anyway, it does offer a bit of coverage and brightening effect so it can double up as a light foundation for those whose skin are less reactive.
Shiseido Anessa is very popular in the sunscreen world and the Perfect Essene Sunscreen has the newer gel essence texture (which itself has been around for 5-6 years or so) instead of the runny white out one that many western brands has adopted. 

The sunscreen has Zinc Oxide, Parsol SLX, Octinoxate, Uvinul A+ and Tinosorb X for the higher level of protection. 

I haven't dared to use it on my face yet (I have some trusted physical one that I managed to use daily during this past winter) but I assume it should be safer  since the ingredients doesn't overlap with the ones in La Roche Posay AOX Serum with Sunscreen (avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, octocrylene and oxybenzone), something that gave me red hives and break out allover just after a week of use. 
Anessa Perfect Essence feels great on the skin, having a light weight texture that blends away invisibly and leaves the skin moisturized and smooth. It isn't dewy like the gel sunscreen from Sekkisei so it should work during muggier summer as well. I really like it around my neck and decollete as it also doubles as a weightless moisturizer.  Someday I will stop being a chicken and start using it on my face instead but for now, I like it where it's at.


  1. I definitely can't use either Biore or Anessa alone either.

    And I'm almost done with my small Anessa Perfect Essence tube left over from 2016 too. Been mixing it with Nivea Waterproof UV Milk (the 2015 formula) and it's been working out pretty well for the dry climate where I am.

    My Biore Bright Face Milk is from 2015 so it'll be interesting when I finally get to it, hopefully soon ^.^

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one hoarding sunscreen (but I open and used most of them so those will probably expire faster). It's funny that even Japan is so advanced at sunscreen, my go to are still American ones. I think I finally found one that's effective and non irritating that I can use every day (Dr. Weil for Origins) and I will make sure to hoard it during Sephora spring sale.


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