Friday, March 24, 2017

SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick in EX-02 Kanbotan

Isn't the sight beautiful? The sight of a pristine lipstick emerging from the glossy tube. Since it had been a while (Ok, just a year) since I last seen something like this, I decided it was time to get another of the glossy black. I know I would be using it because when I spend big buck on lipsticks, I make damn sure use it before it goes bad. 

Suqqu Creamy Glow is their range of highly pigmented, thin but lacquer-like lipstick range that has been discontinued in Japan from a while. The line remained available at UK and last winter, the released three limited edition shades for their UK exclusive collection.
EX-02 Kanbotan (there was a pre-2010 palette with this name) is a creamy hot pink free of shimmer.
I was having so much fun snapping the afternoon away...And I dropped the lipstick, head down.
"Kanbotan in yo face!" (Don't worry, I just screwed it back up and blew off the snow).
Arm swatch - see that little glow?
Compared my two beloved hot pinks Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet (cool, clear and with purple pearls) and Sweet Tart (cream-jelly and not too bright). Kanbotan is deeper and creamier, it's not grandma mauve but it's heading there.
If the same super pigmented, slippy butter-on-hot pan formula was used for this color, there would be no way for me to wear it. Luckily, they tweaked the formula so that it's slightly less intense, a tad more balmy and with a little translucence added. The formula is much easier to apply yet feels lightweight and comfortable. 

While I enjoy the newer formula, the color didn't click with me (I still felt the need to wipe it off before heading out), there is some "Estee Lauder"  auntie quality about it that just makes it more aging than the other hot pinks. I might be able to pull it off with my summer tan though.  As I say, I will make damn sure to use these pricey ones.


  1. I picked up the EX-01 Saebara from this UK LE collection and skipped both EX-02 Kanbotan and EX-03 Awamomoka. I figured pigmented hot pink and nude just aren't worth the trouble (or the price) since I barely even touch the sheerer versions of them. Saebara is gorgeous though!

    1. I got Saebara later on (just need to wait a little for spring background)! The color of this is just weird since I find most hot pinks flattering...

      Oh well...Can't expect all of them to look nice. (So far my suqqu lippies picks are half great half meh).

  2. You're right about the colour. I don't like these types of hot pinks, they are too purple/blue (?) and i find it looks very ageing on Asian women, especially on ageing sallow skin. The young ones can pull it off but not when you reach auntie/grandma age. That's why i'm finding it so hard to find the perfect pink lipstick!!!

    Is Suqqu cosmetics really that good? I read so many rave reviews, all the pro makeup artists go bananas over it.

    On the subject of Estee Lauder, they really aren't that bad. Their image may be auntie but their products are pretty good. I went and snapped up more colours from the Pure Color Envy line. Still haven't found the perfect pink but i'm going to look at more colours tomorrow. They aren't as hydrating as Dior Addict Lipsticks but they are still comfortable to wear and more pigmented too. i'm not a fan of their Double Wear Foundation (way too matte) but i feel like my go to lipstick will be from Estee Lauder...

    1. Nah. I mean I find this one aging as in something that 45-years or older would wear. It doesn't make people look old, just looks off (as in I might as well wipe it off since the after looks worse than the bare/before).

      Well, after some thorough research. The brand used to have very unique color schemes in their palette (but somehow they will work)that's fun but very work friendly for the grown up and fine and smooth texture. It did get progressively worse since the passing of their beautitian Tanaka Yukuko (not sure if it's just a coincidence). I thought the quality was still high and that they had and architect to design their packaging and all. Overall they felt nice on the hand.

      Now (to me) suqqu is mostly hype and like many other western luxury brands (selling the luxe image and targeting people with expensive taste). You see those highly editorial UK palettes that aren't work-friendly and blend out like mud or the boring Japanese ones that are dejavu. I am sure people would still buy and rave about it (some colors are unique and quality is on par with Lunasol and RMK at least) since Kanebo does keep the better formulation for their most highend brand. It's just the unique aesthetics aren't there so now. I am less likely to collect now.

      I think one you have a stigma it would be hard to remove (like estee lauder/something about the name its just more auntie than let's say Bobbi Brown). I see some new packaging for their newer lipsticks that are beautiful but subconsciously I still wouldn't head to the counter. I thought no matter how much they try to de-auntie-fy their brand image, the name would always be there...At least their skincare is doing strong.

    2. I have to say I'm not a fan of the new palettes. I've tried two and my reaction was a mere "meh." They lack the layerability and complex shimmer of the Blend Color Eyeshadows. It's like any other Western formula now. I must say I do love the Extra Glow Lipsticks.

      I'm getting major Suqqu fatigue as of late, stuff always sells out and it takes forever to restock. The U.K. Exclusive collections are pure madness to get a hold of. I think I'll be going back to Lunasol from now on. I like what I've seen of the upcoming summer collection!

    3. YUS!That warm peach quint from Lunasol summer is my jam!I do like the colors in extra glow but I am still too vain (color plays equal part as packaging) for them so I just like paying extra for Chicca.

  3. LOL. I think what you mean exactly by the EL auntie quality. To think about it, I don't think I am a big fan of hot pink like this, either. I usually pick something hotter (warmer) if the color is this deep or lighter blue pinks that flashes neon. Now let's be fair to EL cause their makeup is so much better color wise, too. ;p

    1. I think I shall blame it all on the UK team for creating such color. Akanebara is grown-up (mature in an ageless way) but not auntie at all...


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