Sunday, March 19, 2017

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Yup. This is the Sephora birthday perk from 2016. I give all my lipsticks the star treatment (a proper glamour shoot before digging in) and minis happen to be so photogenic with my default setup (either macro or aperture priority with backlight).
Marc Jacobs is one of the later-boomers of fashion house dabbling in beauty. I am glad to be able to try out the formula in mini form. Given that I usually spend my time chasing those cutetsy Japanese princesse wands. 
When I played with the tubes at Sephora, I noticed that the full sized all have magnetic closure. Sleek!
Despite only holding 1g of product, it's still easy enough to apply straight from the bullet.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a medium rose creme. Of course, it pulls a little mauve with my skintone. Nude roses like this had been really popular among Chinese bloggers (they call it dried rose or color of azuki beans) but I never found one that click with my coloring...Most of the time they just go auntie mauve on me.
Le Marc Lip Creme applies very smoothly and evenly without slip or gunky residue. It feels lightweight and not drying at all (Although I can say how it wears through out the day). The quality is certainly very good at its price point. I won't be picking up full size tube mainly because I tend to only reach for sheer lipsticks. 


  1. Most things pull mauve on me too, so I tend to favor light brown nudes and oranges. It would be nice to wear a non-mauve rose!

    1. Tru that...Sick of mauve rose. I do have two brownish shades I like L'Oreal Caramel solo and Rmk EX-06 but still, I want to jump on that elegant dried rose (of versaille) train...

  2. This color is actually a tad redder on you than on me!

    1. Yeah.No matter how opaque a lipstick always look so different on everyone.


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