Monday, March 20, 2017

Majolica Majorca Blood On #10

Majolica Majorca is a brand that has been slowing down a lot for the past few years (Yo, where is your spring collection?) but it remains one of my favorite drugstore brands. I pick up at least one item from every one of their seasonal collection because each package design are just too adorable.
Blood On #10 is one of the few items/the  only blush from Summer 2015. This is the second Blood On (a sheer flush-like tint for cheek and lip) MJ has came up with and I was instantly charmed by the white packaging. 
The pattern is print but overall it's solid enough for its 950yen price tag.   The compact has a twist cap and contains 5g of products (approximately twice the content of Canmake).
#10 Looks like a bright coral cream gel but it's actually a condensed jelly! The pigmentation is rather sheer and won't build up much so it's very compatible with bare (no base makeup) skin. 

On the skin, it gives a noticeable warm flush and the slightly dewy finish dries up quickly so it's texturally undetectable. I like how it looks when it's freshly applied but either the color is too natural (blend into my skin too well) or it's too darn sheer that I stopped noticing it. 

It's nothing outstanding but I like cheek products that are impossible to overdo. I think aside from designs, I remain devoted fan as MJ generally does colors that I can throw onto my face easily.


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    1. I go ooh and all over any of their new releases...Too bad they haven't put that much attention into the brand this past three years or so.


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