Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lunasol Tender Clear Eyes in 03 Stylish Ballet

Tender Clear Eyes was Lunasol's eyeshadow release for spring 2015, part of a collection inspired by the graceful postures of ballerinas. It wasn't all that popular as Lunasol has lost quite a bit of its buzz by then, thank to competition from other highend brands like Addiction, Suqqu and Three. 

Being a budding fan with growing (exploding?) collection of Lunasol palettes, I decided to get 03 Stylish Ballet, as the color theme somehow reminds me of the pale-green one from the long discontinued Layer Bloom eyes(I later managed to hunt that one down, thanks to Taobao).
Stylish Ballet has a warm white base, a clear green blending color, gray green lid shade and soft satiny brown liner. If you are fan of Lunasol softly glimmering, clear gloss or metallic (yet very work friendly) finishes, be warned that the Tender Clear Eyes is nothing like them.
With the exception of the upper left clear green. The rest aren't exactly shimmery or satiny. They apply like soft matte but has multi-colored bits and a level translucence to them. The best I could think of is chiffon.

As for the texture, it's seems like a higher percentage of talc (usually the main ingredient of eyeshadow anyway) was used that it has a unusually soft touch that feels like baby powder. The result is a bit of powdery pastel feel on the lids, even though the shadow itself is finely milled and smooth.

As a result of the powdery texture and similar finishes among four shades. It's easy to either disturb what's already applied or turn everthing muddy while I am layering the four. 
Although the kind of texture isn't what I am used to. I was surprised that I enjoy wearing this palette. The grayish green happens to be green enough but still wearable. It's deep enough to define but it still brightens up eye color without looking like a cakey pastel. As for the pickled brown liner shade, it pulls everything together and makes eyes look brighter.
Stylish Ballet quickly thrown together. I should have ditched the clear green (which dusted away some of the main green gray) and just blend with tiny bit of warm white.
The palette is far from ideal but it's something I will reach for again. Normally I play with eyeshadow after work and I would remove them before heading out...I didn't want to remove it at all. 


  1. I skipped this collection initially since the promo pics looked so blah and reviews were pretty much nonexistent. I was actually eyeing this exact palette online several weeks but wasn't sure if I wanted to pull the trigger. I think I'll grab it if I find it discounted.

    The texture sounds interesting, is it soft like the Shiseido trios? I swear if you look at those things the wrong way you'll get a gouge in the pan. Think you'll do a review of the Blooming Eyes palette? It sounds like it's 02 White Gradation if I'm remembering correctly. I have it and love it but the yellow can get a little overwhelming on my skintone.

    1. It's more finely milled and talcy than Shiseido (to me those are plain shimmery and flat, because three shades in palette have the same finish)it's weird but I don't hate it and want cool ballet now(I need to trash the Shiseido because I can't get them to work after so many tries).

      Yes I have the white gradation! I still haven't decided if I should touch it or not (kind of like suqqu hisuidama I have been holding on for two years)I am not sure if it's different since the ones meant for sale in China (their counter closed down two or three years ago) are labeled with a C after the number. Maybe I will wait for white magnolia to bloom for another photo session...

    2. I looked on the back of my White Gradation palette and it didn't have a C on the label. It could be the palettes were from different batches. IIRC Scent Form Eyes had letters on them too. You must use Hisuidama! It's gorgeous.

    3. I can wait on those two while I rotate through my other palettes (I bought a few *coughs* but since I stick with the few I love so the new one needs to be loved sometime soon). I guess I have to hurry up since I like the warmer quint from Lunasol summer collection as well ...While I haven't touched the two from last summer (-__-).

      Anyway, right now I am admiring White Gradation and Hisuidama in the pan. Might start wearing Purple Gradation soon (already dipped).

  2. I skipped over this collection too because no sparklies and no metallics ^.^

    1. Haha safe choice...Although now I am rather fond of the grayed out main shade (and the grayish blue in cool ballet suddenly looks so good). It is quite elegant and not typically Lunasol...


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