Friday, March 31, 2017

Late March AB Spycam - Koji Sakura Curler, Natura Japonica and My Beauty Diary

So I finally made another trip to Chinatown again (normally I go weekly but who knows March would be the month of snowstorm?) and New Kam Man has a bunch of new goodies!
I get to see the Koji Curving Eyelash Curler limited edition!

Beside the light pink pad (you get four refills!)  there are also little sakura petals across the top metal frame...Now I want one!

New Koji Lip Tint?
B&C Laboratories (BCL AHA range with wipes, toner and soaps)
I think the jelly soap has been around for at least 10 years now
Mare's Milk skincare
My Beauty Diary Cleansing water
Natura Japonica powder wash, moisture lotion (which is equivalent to toner), serum, moisture cream and eye cream
ANGFA Scalp-D eyelash serum
My newest discovery of Chinatown was Deluxe Market, it's a store shaped like a long strip where they sell all kinds of fresh and prepared food (being Chinatown, prices are ridiculously good). To calm down the chaos that's in every corner in Chinatown, they blast on classical music (WQXR Classical FM) all the time. Hey, at least better than the soulful Canto/Mando pop going on at New Kam Man.


  1. I like asian face cleansers. They are very bubbly, creamy and foamy. All the western brands sell scrub/mask/cleansers which are way too harsh. Garnier and Loreal used to sell really good liquid cleanser but pretty much discontinued all them to make way for these harsh scrub hybrid cleansers. The only ones i can find to buy are the high end ones- Shiseido, Lancome etc.

    1. Now I am alternating between cream (from American brands)and shiseido. Sometime shiseido can be a bit stripping if used twice daily...Anyway, I actually use mostly American skincare although I much prefer Japanese makeup.


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