Thursday, March 23, 2017

Koji Curving Eyelash Curler

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I dug out more pictures from 2015. Yay for digital spring cleaning!

While I was stalking upcoming spring collections, I noticed Koji recently released a limited Cherry Blossom edition of the curving curler. From the picture I have seen, you get pink rubber pad with it (maybe the case is pink as well).  The original has been around for a few years already and that's what I am reviewing today. 
Koji Curving Curler (next to the regular Koji curler) is one that's design to fit Japanese women's eyeball-curve (ain't Japanese, still hoard) and to open up lashes radially. 
It has a bigger and flatter frame that's directed more outward. It curves well and barely pinches the lids, although the rubber pad isn't as firm to provide a tighter crimp. 
The whole curler feels solid (and looks a bit like Suqqu). The best part is that Koji is quite generous with refill pads, I think you get three with this model?
 The most helpful freebie was actually the case, something that make it somewhat travel-friendly and will save it if you decided to sit on it...

Here is how it works (as much as I could get out of it) with Majolica Majorca Lash Bone. It's a nice one to have around but it doesn't stop my curiosity for other brands.

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  1. I bought this a while back and I still like my Shiseido one better, the curvy shape only works for rounder eyes I think


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