Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Koji C-Tive Cheek Colors and More AB Spy Cam

Another collective spy cam from the last two weeks.
 It seems that New Kam Man (a grocery store at Chinatown) is quite ahead when it comes to new releases. I was just wondering about these Koji C-Tive Cheek Colors. The brand is created by Ito Chiayi (Jpop singer who recently graduated from the group AAA). The very popular Cheek Colors has a cream and powder that you can mix and match to get your custom shade of hangover. The store didn't have any wall space for the poster so they propped it up, ha!
 The color looks quite cute (I probably have dupes in the form of Canmake cream cheek though).
 For those of you who are curious, swatches are on this blog (in Chinese). At 26 six dollars these are rather expensive so I will wait until one of those HK-based seller carries it (or just not get it, I have way too many blushes anyway).  
 Spotted at Marshall, Holika Holika Dodo Cat Trans Foam Cleanser  and a sealed Jeffrey Jame Vitamin Serum for 8 bucks! Well, I didn't pick it up because it has oxidized into a pineapple-apple juice color and I am pretty sure it was useless by that point. 
 Forgot which brand it is, this one is for drying out acne or something like that. Sometime I wonder why K-beauty became so mainstream all of a sudden. I mean, Japanese products are just as, if not more advanced in technology and they have always been kind of a niche. There are good products and okay ones in Kbeauty (just  like brands from US or Japan) many budget makeup items I have tried are not really better than the drugstore here (I can't speak for highend ones, maybe they are amazing). It almost feels like this invisible hand creating all these demand that isn't naturally occured.

Anyway, this whole trend reminds me of  the debut recital of a young and very promising pianist. It ended up being sold out, quite a feat for a newcomer considering there are more than 2800 seats in the main hall of Carnegie Hall. I have been to more than a handful of concerts there and it only sell out when it's Yo Yo Ma and Berliner Philharmoniker of the sort.

On the night of the concert(I was expecting a huge crowd and extra security),but the hall looked like this...
It's possible that this is an isolated incident (maybe the scalpers saw great potential in him?). I am too chicken to name name here  and it was nonetheless quite an enjoyable recital. I just wish whoever they are would let the music speak for itself. 

Enough rambling , back to sighting.
 I went to the Kinokuniya in the city (there is one at North Jersey as well) and saw these adorable Sanrio shopping bags.
 They aren't very big (I buy a lot of snacks) so they aren't as useful for me.
I am still tempted by the Rilakkuma ones though.
 Pretty (and pretty overpriced) page marker for $6.25, nah...
 Another Sephora (not price- gouging)- The set went "on sale" for 56 bucks from 65. When I checked Tata's Harper site. It's 56 bucks to start with...Either way, too expensive for minis (too expensive for me). 
Lastly, random pictures of the snow storm we had three weeks ago. Taken from company parking lot =_=....
 Every winter, my skin gets so dull that many eyeshadow look like mud...Around this time, I have the perfect excuse to haul a lot of lipsticks. 
 Anna Sui was from Black Friday sale, Lipstick Queen from TJ Maxx and the rest online. Clinique was a freebie from Sephora.
I have been stalking Dior counters for a whole month, waiting for the spring collection to come out...It never did and never will but I made some collateral damage. Thanks to the snow storm, I have gotten many pictures taken care of so be prepared for a flood of lipstick reviews!


  1. So many pretty Lippies!

    The sumikko gurashi bag! They look like lunchbox bags, too small for regular shopping.

    1. Oh, the perspective is off with the close up and I forgot to include a all opened up on the side of display. It's a foldable one for grocery and stuff(in the picture each compressed one just a bit bigger than palm size).


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