Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Early March Marshall and Rite Aid Sighting

After slacking off from cooking (and eating crappy cafeteria food) for days, I finally did grocery yesterday. Marshall is right next to the grocery store so...I stopped by to check out beauty products.
 Makeup part is dull, no lippie to be found (except for some 2 dollar Milani gloss). Here is Real Technique Brow Set, a little too gimmicky and complex for a supposedly simple routine.
 Starter Set. I forgot to look at the prices for those...
Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss Duo (for 7.99)
Andalou BB Cream SPF30 and Meyer Lemon Cleanser and Apricot Probiotic Cleansing milk (I think I tried both and like the lemon one better)
 Scinic (a Korean brand I kept hearing about on Reddit, mostly about their ampoule) Sparkling Pores and All Day Fine Pore Aqua Cream
 And I was a little surprised to find Tatcha moisture rich silk cream at a deep discount($50 vs the $150 regular retail). Either way, it's too rich for my blood...
 Jeffrey James Face Wash for $6.99. I would get one but my cleanser inventory is overflowing/
Dr. Hauschka Cleansing milk and night serum
 Cream from the Body Shop, Boscia and Ole Henriksen
 Sukin Micellar Cleansing water
Korres Shower Gel - I got a few (at 2.5-3 dollars per bottle) during new year. Mango papaya is juicy and fresh while Basil Lemon smells just like dish soap...

Next up are a few new(to me)sighting from Rite Aid
 I noticed a brightening line from Olay. Upon closer look the only use niacinamide (which I already have in my routine).
 Tone perfecting cream, gel moisturizer and treatment
 When I first spotted the Physicians Formula Bright Booster oil elixir. I was excited about drugstore having a brightening product. Well, there is no brightening or spot fading active ingredient like niacinamide, vitamin C, arbutin etc...It's simply a plant oil blends that brightens by reflecting light (with a well-moisturized skin or oily residue, I guess). 

On the bright side, Wet n Wild is 40% off at Rite Aid and there were a few of Liquid Catsuit left! I wanted them since they came out but couldn't justify paying 5 dollar a piece for stuff that I would wear once or twice (the fate of most of my recent Wet n Wild purchases)...
I picked up Give Me Mocha and Coral Corruption. I will wait for a warm day to try them (so they don't go lip line galore on me).

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