Friday, March 10, 2017

Clinique Super Balm Moisturizing Gloss in Black Honey

 Good thing always comes in small size, especially in the case of lipsticks. While Sephora/counter brands lip product don't usually tempt me, as soon as they shrink it into a dainty little tube, everything suddenly becomes so desirable. The best part? They are usually free.

Not technically free, more like I have to find 25-dollars worth of crap to buy kind of free. Last months, I missed out some adorable minis by Bite, Too Faced and Bobbi Brown because I didn't know what to get ( everything seemed so overpriced). Anyway, around last December when they were giving out minis for days, I somehow managed to score one of the minis: A Clinique gloss. 
Black Honey to Clinique is like Rose to Fresh and Orgasm to Nars. An universally flattering classic that's available in many forms. I haven't tried the lip tint (maybe one day I will) but I have a rough idea about how it looks: A sheer brownish wine flush.
Bare lips for comparison
With a huge chunk of Clinique black honey gloss. The shade warms up my lip color and give it a nice tint of red, the glassy finish settles down into a thinner gloss very quickly (like the picture below). The Superbalm is indeed balmy, non-sticky and feels rather moisturizing. 
Black Honey as a base for Visee lipstick in RD422. It's a lovely color in a user-friendly formula. I don't see myself buying afullsized tube as there are a bunch of comfortable, lightly enhancing glosses in the market. I can get better-feeling lip gloss/essense from Canmake at half the price(the color would be more generic but I am fine with that). 

Anyway, gotta love the mini. I actually managed to redeemed points for three minis this month because...I need to restock sunscreen. Hopefully by the time I get to them, there will be springtime backdrop instead!

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  1. Aww I remember seeing black honey when I was in high school and not being interested bc it was too natural for me. Now I'm intrigued


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