Friday, March 03, 2017

Catrice Cosmetics at Harmon

I totally gasped when I saw the display...Catrice (the slightly more refined sister of Essence) made it to Harmon! It has been a long time since I last saw any interesting drugstore release and apparently it takes a German brand to hit the spot.

The pictures are shoddy because one of the makeup artists was right next to me...I didn't get to snap picture of everything but I guess I can always go back for more toys. 
Prime and Fine Contour Palette, Contour Sticks and illuminating stick
 Powder blush
 Brow Pencil and powder
Concealer, primer and eyeshadow crayon
 Liquid Metal Eyeshadow 
 Glam Fusion eyeshadow and primer
 Infinite Shine Lip Gloss and Lip Smoother
 Volumizing Lip Booster
 Vitamin Lip Treatment
 Tinted Lip Glow Balm
 Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick
Eyeshadow and contour palette
Since I didn't have any coupon on hand, my haul was rather modest. I picked up two purple taupe eyeshadow. Mauves like Jaggers (lol) is exactly the kind of shade I want it to be, pigmented but can be sheered out. Great color for enlarging eyes. 
In the Taupe Ten was an epic fail (for me). The purple taupe show up charcoal on me and I don't do smokey. Anyway, texture is smooth and it should work well as a primer. I might pick up some concealer (since I like Essence concealer) and lippie on my next trip, when I have coupon ready.


  1. I'm gasping, too! And that is a big display, too! (Move over, WnW) That In The Taupe Ten actually looks good to me. I hope I can spot some soon! :)

    1. This one is from the one at Chelsea(23rd at 6th)...I grabbed the last of In The Taupe Ten but that store generally restock frequently enough. I want another coppery orange of the eyeshadow stick but I already have similar color in colourpop and cosme decorte...Now I am just greedy and hope they have limited editions as well (probably won't because they don't have ones for Essence either).

  2. I've been so curious about the liquid metal eyeshadow! Glad you like them.
    I like the liquid metal eyeliners (they crease a little but very good for the price and come in fun colors)

    1. I do like that particular shade but the selection we get is just too small. I liked another metallic taupe but I don't need another one...

      I looked at swatches for the liquid metal eyeshadow and they look promising (but I gotta admit pixi has more interesting shades).

    2. True, but my pick liners shrunk and got hard so hoping these don't


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