Monday, March 13, 2017

Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit

As an effort to convince myself that I don't need the Glossi-eh face gouache, I am digging out my tube of Becca Beach Tint (after having it for two years). There are too many toys around that I never gave it full attention. 
Becca Beach Tint is a waterproof gel tint for cheeks and lips that has been around for a few years already. There are many shades available and after some careful swatching, I ended up with Dragonfruit, a medium-deep creamy pink coral (or the color of dragonfruit peel). 

Not only I love the tiny size, it also has the perfect opening which only dispenses the tiniest bit of blush.
While each tube is cute and tiny (with 7ml of product each) - You only need half a grain sticky rice (or 1/3 of a long grain rice for non-Asian reading this) to get a very noticeable flush so a tube will last til the dawn of time. Like many silicone-based products, this does separate a little during summer. 
Dragonfruit is like raspberry sorbet that I ate yesterday. It's semi clear but with a bit of foggy opacity going on. The color is not light/pasty enough to provide a coverage so it tends to enhance imperfections a little. A shade like this would benefit from clear skin or flawless base makeup. 

I just wear it on top of sunscreen, over my sunspots (with pride...OK I am just lazy).  Dragonfruit gave a juicy peach that lasted for the whole work day then more. There is no face of the day (I tried in the stall, color didn't show up in picture at all) but I found a close representation of its effect. 
This( the peach-butt from Kobito) is what I saw when I looked into the bathroom mirror this afternoon. I am thinking about mixing it with sunscreen or occlusive next time so I don't look like I have a bad case of Asian glow. 
  Dragonfruit on the mouth. It's scented (no weird taste), great at forming a shrink wrap and multiplying my lip lines. I never expected it to work as lip tint so it's fine with me. Among all the matte coney cream blushers, Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato is easier on the mouth.

Anyway, I think the color and finish are beautiful and rather unique in my stash. I should reach for it more during springtime. 


  1. You have this (and I see two Canmake Cream Cheeks popping up in that "You might also like:" section), so you wouldn't need that Cloud Paint. Becca is my current favorite brand (I'm so impressed by the highlighter) and I should take a closer look at this as well!

    1. And I also have a giant 15ml one from Shu Uemura LE(on sale from their site!)plus butter london pink one I got on sale...I think I will be able to resist!

      Becca and Shu both have such good quality that I doubt glossieh will add anything to my stash...Well cloud paint have unique colors.

    2. I learned from Auxiliarybeauty that it's supposed to be pronounced in the pretentious way so gotta remind myself that...Always thought it's glossi-urh.

  2. This is so pretty! It's just the shade of pinky coral that refuses to work on me, though. I wonder why Cloud Paint appealed to me when the Beach Tints never did, since they seem to have very similar formulas. The one advantage of Glossi-eh is that it costs less for more product, but as you say, cream blushes shouldn't be gigantic anyway.

    1. Dragonfruit simultaneously makes my skin ruddy and peach-like. I think I could make it work...As long as I keep it going with my skincare routine.

      Glossier's sort of marketing does get me( I dig their brand image). Chicca has the same aesthetics with their uber-young models, sheer color, light texture that enhances the skin (that's their back story when they released their take on the overpriced lip oil)like the oil is part of liveliness or something...

      I am resisting mainly because I want to be cool -__- and I have so many great cream blush already (well I already fell hard for chicca so I might as well stay strong and save my pennies).


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