Saturday, March 18, 2017

BCL Brow Lash EX Hello Kitty Mascara

Oops, I kitty-ed again...
 The full name of the product is Brow Lash Ex 130% Lash Sculpture Long and Separate Mascara but that's irrelevant, all you need to know that is it sucks. 
Unlike a traditional mascara wand, this has a curved comb with tightly placed teeth. The paste is so thick and pasty that it just goops up at the base (and make it to the lashes as little black gunk). When it comes to comb applicator, I much prefer the one from Majolica Majorca. Their fanned out comb was actually complementary to the thinner, inky formula with fibers. 
Yup, I was actually wearing mascara here. So natural in a nonexistent way right?

The Brow Lash Ex mascara tints my lashes a little without any thickening or adding length. The comb holds so much excess product that I need an extra comb just to clean up the mess. Within 2 hours (my sunscreen is the one to thank/blame), the tint on lashes gradually turn into raccoon eyes...
At the time of the picture, I was also testing Suqqu Kakitsubata (the poster shade for their 2010 revamp), another old purchases from 2015 that I need to review. I was never able to "werk it" (aka making it flattering on me) despite it's refined texture blah blah blah. Maybe I should take it as that I am still too young than their (then) intended audience?

I am cleaning up my blog backlog right now so you can expect daily (I will try) posting for a month while I catch up. I suppose I can really benefit from a no buy but so many brands are releasing exciting new toys (Canmake's new clear finish premium stay rouge, Jill Stuart's new glosses, Esprique new sheer red lip tint...Oh my)...Hmmm, maybe I should start hoarding pens again. 

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  1. That brush reminds me of the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Angel, which is the one of the better mascaras I've tried recently (waterproof version). Too bad it's not good... I'm always intrigued by Hello Kitty


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