Thursday, February 09, 2017

More 2017 Releases from Milani, NYC, Black Radiance and Wet n Wild

Another collective spy cam post 

Milani contour highlight duo
Primer, Setting powder and Face and Eye Strobe Palette
NYC now has stick foundation
Matte Foundation
The well-liked bronzer and setting powder has a new packaging
Black Radiance Contour Palette with brush
Urban Identity Shadow Trio, Dynamic Duo Balm and Gloss and Brilliant Effect Lip Gloss
Eyeliner and mascara
Wet n Wild has a Walgreen exclusive cushion foundation and bronzer
Cushion lip color

New 10 Pan eyeshadow to replace the old ones (which haven't been around for long)
Physicians formula brow color and mascara
From Marshalls - Holika Holika Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam
Ole Henriksen Facial Water Trio (for 10 bucks or so)
Clinicare RX Vitamin C and Retinol


  1. your marshalls has good stuff!

    1. My Marshall is next to the grocery store so I have every excuse to stop by it twice a week...Not counting the TJ in the city haha.

    2. Nice! Ross is the most convenient for me, and they never have much. Marshalls is a little farther, and tjmaxx is inconvenient, so of course it has the best Portuguese soaps.

    3. The stock in my local Marshall and (not so local) TJ are mostly the same but TJ tend to have more higher end apparel. Now they are my default source of Sephora brands stuff as well as drugstore items (because those toys totally don't worth the regular price). I just got Milani gloss for 1.99, I try to not buy drugstore item I only touch once but for 2 bucks, I couldn't resist.

    4. Heh, now that you mention it, Grocery Outlet is my default source nowadays. The selection is very random but they got a bunch of Andalou Naturals stuff. Sadly no turmeric serum though. They have a bunch of epielle face wipes though, so I buy tons of the green tea wipes just for the scent; they're just mediocre as facial cleansers.

    5. Andalou cream cleanser are pretty good as well (I have like five backups) but their moisturizers don't do anything. I do enjoy the random stock in those kind of store, it's like treasure hunting.

    6. Noted! I'll see if they have the cream cleanser. It is fun to hunt in these stores! Enjoying the raw goji berries I got last time.


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