Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lunasol Geminate Eyes in Cat Eyes

Lunasol Geminate Eyes, just like Skin Modelling Eyes in Beige Beige, is another one of their classics with a  never ending popularity. Unlike its work-friendly and subtly enhancing satin cousin Beige Beige, Geminate Eyes is all about the bling. 

Since it's debut in 2011, only two shades (Cat Eyes and Ruby) remain from original line up (which consists of the two mentioned plus Alexandrite, Diamond and Sapphire). Today, I will show you the warm toned Cat Eyes. 
The top two shades are golden yellow and a coppery orange. Both clear and sparkly but the coppery shade has a brushed metallic finish.
The bottom contains a brownish warm red and a satin medium brown. The palette is topped by a clear green sparkly top wash to imitate the chatoyancy (which just sounds so much cooler than cat's eye effect). 

The whole palette is very sparkly (which I don't mind) and very warm. I don't mind warm colors most of the time but sometimes, those kind of shade with some neutral base (but not too neutral) and turn downright yellow on me. This is what happens with Cat Eyes. It's a little warm for me in the middle of summer (and during winter it's just not wearable at all). 
I think I just mixed everthing together and try not to extent it too far away from the crease. I do love the clear glossy finish it maintains, while giving a lot of color intensity. The color and gloss really brightens up the eyes and gives a sharp cat lik
(Not crying here, I had a bad case of eye strain right after work). The texture of Cat Eyes is a little dry (thanks to all the glitters) but there wasn't too crazy of fall out as it was being blended. I prefer not wearing any primer for my eyeshadow, mainly to preserve the clear glossy finish. This one is hopeless against the summer heat/all the sweating that was going on. 

I still love it though.


  1. This is so pretty and sparkly! The sparkles definitely make these warm colors more wearable, and I don't see why you can't wear this during winter. I like all Lunasol palettes I bought and I'm still tempted by those chocolate ones (although they are quite non-lunasol).

    1. The chocolate ones contain much more products and they are kind of easy to source now with all the HK sellers! I am still tempted by some palettes (aurorized eyes in contrast variation, orange from Vivid clear, soft beige from three dimensional eyes) but I am trying to refrain...I made a list last week and realized There are 11 Lunasol palettes that I have yet to review (half of them I haven't worn properly). So, I am definitely slowing down with the hoarding before I catch up.

      The pictures were taken last June or July so it looked OK with my skintone. During winter (my circulation isn't great I guess) there is a strong gray-purple tinge to my skin that makes a bunch of the warm palette show up yellow on me...That's why I love those dirty purple taupe because they blend right in.

      I also need to skip berry lipstick because I end up looking having lead poison...

  2. Love both this Cat's Eyes and Ruby palettes!

    1. I need to start using ruby...My problem is when I find a palette I really like (and those are neutral enough for everday) I become so lazy to try other, even though I never stopped hoarding...

    2. I actually like Ruby better than this Cat's Eyes. It doesn't look it but it's much easier to wear and more flattering with my skin tone.


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