Thursday, February 16, 2017

Korres Lip Gloss in 25 Natural Purple

Welcome to another edition of "TJ-maxx Has the Best Crap". As I am getting older, I am doing an active attempt to cut down from toy purchases. While I have been doing well at the drugstore front, I have been letting my guard down a little more frequently at Marshalls and TJ. At least I have been putting on a more stringent rule: Buy what I actually use and "If it's cheaper than an order of fries, hell yeah just buy it".

Our office building cafeteria now charges 3 dollars for fries. One more reason to save my lunch money for more worthy causes (like lipstick addiction). 
Korres Cherry Lip Gloss is something that I haven't seen at Sephora due to their shrinking presence. The retail price is somewhere in the upper teen, which I suppose is the reason nobody buys them/they ended up at discount stores. 
Applicator is standard doe foot. The gloss has an almond/glazed cherry scent from presumably the cherry oil. I am not sure if that's a great choice for ingredient because...cyanide has similar smell?
The gloss has a slightly creamy gel texture that's non-sticky moderately hydrating and comfortable. It's nice but there isn't anything unique about it. Even though the pigmentation is decent, it takes me a few dips to get an even and plush coat for my entire mouth.
25 Natural Purple is (obviously not remotely purple but) a warm rosy brown that's natural and easy to wear. I like it but I prefer a bit more impact (deeper or in a rich chocolate tone) for me to bother putting it on. 

It was 2.99 so I am not going to complain.


  1. This is off topic but I went in my local drugstore and saw the new Revlon HD Gel lipcolors, the ones in the new tall slim packaging. Sure it looked nice, the colours and the cough medicine scent didn't impress me though...but omg I had a look at the label and it's a paltry 1.7grams.....1.7grams!. I kid you not!!! I was full whingeing about LancĂ´me being only 3.4g but Revlon just takes the cake. Even worse, they cost $24 down here in Australia! For that money I'd buy lancome anyday. And you wonder why Revlon is struggling. Pretty much everything from my makeup collection is now by Lancome. If you want nice lipglosses, try the lancome Lip Lovers or Gloss in Love, they are great, miles ahead of Revlon. Just can't believe Revlon have the nerve to sell a 1.7g lipstick?!

    1. I think they know people won't use it up anyway, might as well use less...but that price is crazy, isn't Guerlain just (a little shy of) double that...

      Before I dip my toe in lancome. I still haven't seen Dior spring Lipsticks. Gah...Playing hard to get is not working well on me. I am getting another Jill Stuart princess wand.

  2. They are obviously cost cutting by reducing the amount but still keeping the price same. Can't remember what that pricing strategy is called but happens a lot in the food manufacturing industry. Still dodgy. Really don't like Revlon these days. Makeup in Australia really sucks, there's hardly a good range of foundation and powder shades. If L'Oreal has 20 shades available in the US, we'll only get like 7 shades max. Lipsticks too. High end makeup is only just slightly better but still dismal.

    1. Right now the only type of lip product I manage to finish is fresh sugar lip balm so product volume/weight don't register much to me. I didn't even finish a whole tube of lip butter consider how slippy/easy to use up.

      From what have seen, those slim tube lip color usually contain 1-2g across the board highend or not (they are slim and you can't make them twice as long just to contain the standard 3-4g).

      When I used to hear about foreign bloggers whining about prices, I was always the party pooper saying stuff like the majority of the cost of an item goes to local distribution/wages of employees etc (not actually the cost to manufacture said product). When they pay 2x the price for a lipstick, they are also contributing to their higher (much higher than US) minimal wages (for store employees/truck drivers), healthcare and other welfare. The cosmetic company aren't the one pocketing the difference consider sometime they also need to pay tariff to enter that foreign market.

      At the end. I guess US is a great place to be for a young and healthy makeup lover, I suppose for now. You guys aren't in that bad of a position.


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