Sunday, February 05, 2017

Deborah Lippmann Lipstick in Call Me Maybe

"Eh, I just met you. This is crazy, but here is my (credit card) number, take my lunch money!" 

Here is another overdue episode of I love TJ-Maxx (many more to come), featuring a purchase from 2015 and the sunshine of spring 2016. 
Deborah Lippmann Lipstick in Call Me Maybe ($22 regularly, $5.99 from TJ-maxx) is actually my first purchase from the range, it was cheaper (than the duo set) and without a nail color that I never use ( manicured hands and latex gloves don't go well together). 
Call Me Maybe is a bright orange coral in a moisturizing cream-jelly formula. The color brightens up my ghostly winter skin and it's a forgiving enough to not require any base makeup. Packaging is a sucky one that attracts dust, oil and wobbly lipstick bit inside but I will look pass it for the price (I paid).
I have tried more than a few dozens coral lipsticks and am still surprised that How different each looks. I can't find anything in my stash that looks similar to this.
Just like Sexy Back I reviewed two weeks ago, Call Me Maybe had the milky opacity that gives a succulent finish without and streaky white base. No maybe from me, this is a coral I say "Hell yes!" to.


  1. Bought this when you reviewed Sexy Back last and love it! Will review mine soon too ^.^

  2. How lovely! This is so pretty, Mina! It's like this coral is made for you! <3

    1. But the tube isn't made for my salamander hands...need excuse to hoard more!


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