Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ColourPop Mama's Apple Pie Eyeshadow Set

I would like to think that I am quite immune to fads and trends, maybe I just get into things when the fad wear out already. Colourpop is a brand with an immense popularity in the blogging world, snatching popular e-figures left and right (more like they got popular by snatching up popular Vloggers) and coming up with new collaboration every other week or so. 

I first heard about the brand from Jenn Im, someone I have been following for years and now I only watch out of habit. I love her (face) and am very happy for her accomplishments. It's just that the more I have grown up, the less relateble to me her particular style has become. I let Jenn's ColourPop collection pass and never felt a tinge of regret.
 A few months later, something finally plucked my heart string and made me go Eeeeeee. It was Hello Kitty, the mouthless cat that called for my wallet. 

While one can be too old for 90s grunge and SoCal Street style, no one is too old for Hello Kitty. 
To be honest, I don't see what does this collection has to do with HK (aside from those stereotypical names like Konichiwa and Bento Box etc) but it didn't matter. I will buy whatever crap with Kitty printed on. 
Mama's Apple Pie is a quad with four shades that doesn't look like they would go together (and they don't, at least not on me). I bought it when it was on holiday sale for around 15 dollars (I also used a first-timer coupon). The shades were made available individually, with two additional ones. 
The little compacts  have half kitty head! That's enough to convince me. 
All four shades of Mama's Apple Pie swatched. Color is skewed by the sunset but the texture of each shade was well-represented. 

In case you haven't heard about the texture, these are half cream half powder kind of smooth gel. Most similar to Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes and Elf longlasting lustrous eyeshadow. All shades are easy to apply and blend with fingertips. There is no fallout. The shadow lasted well on my dry (during winter) lid and can be sheered out for a clear finish.
Rainbow is a clear white glitter. There is a bit of dimension with the different sized glitter but I found the shade not wearable. I guess I should try it undereye as the innocent trail of eye boogers?
Friendship File is lovely beige rose in an metallic finish. I love this kind of shade as it both brightens, defines and makes your eyeballs twinkle. From what I have seen, Colourpop makes a lot of rosy neutral metallic similar to this. 
Look at the complex shimmer! 
Small Gift is a lightly shimmery satin coral. It's warm but rather wearable. 
School Bus is a Satin (but has the effect of a sheer matte most of the time/unless you are looking for the glimmer). It's harder to build up and also blends out to a sheer blue smudge. 
I was most impressed by the multi colored shimmer on all these shades. 

While I like the two warm shades and the formula they come in, ColourPop doesn't offer anything new to my stash. Whatever it has to offer, I already have L'Oreal Infallible (and Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes), they occupy less space and are less prone to drying out. 

To all veteran collectors, these won't be that impressive (but if you miss out all those wonderful LE shades of L'Oreal, some of these shades might console you a little). I do enjoy wearing these at night (since they aren't necessarily work friendly). 


  1. Haha, "the mouthless cat that called for my wallet." I was a huge Sanrio fan as a kid and couldn't resist buying Let's Play, the metallic red lipstick. It has little bows all over it!! The Hello Kitty eyeshadows are certainly pretty, but I don't wear glitter enough to justify getting them.

    1. I tried really hard talking myself out of any of the lip products...I have learned that if I have a bunch of lipsticks available (which I certainly do), I always end up using the same expensive one with pretty packaging. Most of the colorpop stuff are not that wearable for me but those pots are just too fun not to poke....

  2. I used to use ColourPop eyeshadows all the time but now I feel like they're so sheer, some of the shimmery ones are ok, at least the shimmer is there


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