Friday, February 03, 2017

Circa Red Carpet Look and Jesse's Girl Twist and Shout Lip Balm

Can you believe that Circa has been around for two years already? I never get who is their target customer? People who are willing to pay 15+ dollars for China-made cosmetics?

 I just spotted a new display with "Red Carpet" makeup.
Makeup setting spray, primer for pores and anti-stress
Brow Gel mascara. I am interested but I would rather just buy from Essence.
I actually like how the eyeshadow palettes look (there are two more shades aside from this brown one). I just won't pay 17 dollars for it. A Wet n Wild palette like this usually costs 5 bucks (and there are 40% off sale for those). 
Makeup brushes
From Rite Aid - Jesse's girl contour kit
Twist and shout lip balm

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