Sunday, January 08, 2017

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom in Pretty Poppy

What do you do when it's snowing heavily? For me, beside crawling under layers of comforters and stress-buying lipsticks (don't blame me, I dread the freezing Monday ahead and need my Kanebo-comforting), it's the time to gather up all of my newer aquisitions and prepare for some snowy photoshoot. 

This afternoon, I grabbed my large tote bag (normally meant for snack-hoarding) filled with my pretty shiny toys, stepped outside of my house-y apartment. After some quick foot-shovelling and three minutes of walking around (and taking out, uncapping one lipstick), I gave up as my fingers felt like they were falling off. As I got home, I realized I should just finish up something from the last weekend-snowfall.
Jill Stuart Lip Blossom has be around since spring of 2014 and aside from the original 10 shade line up, new shades are being added each season. After having done some initial testing with the brand, I confirmed that I could indeed tolerate the plastic packaging so I started collecting bit by bit. 

 As a lover of pretty shiny things, the mirror-like Jill Stuart packaging is a pure joy to photograph. Plasticky as they all are, I do like the details and how they hold up. 
The Lip Blossom has a slender figure and is quite light weight. You can see the plastic from the base and inside the cap but it didn't bother me as much. Even thought it's very insubstantial, the plating on this is much better than the ones on Coffret D'Or (2500 yen, a mere 300 yens cheaper than Lip Blossom)that they withstand daily wear without catching scratches.
There is a tiny pop-up mirror on top. At a normal makeup-application distance, I can see 1/3 of my mouth with it but I prefer it over the huge Guerlain Rouge G. 
The top of the lipstick has a round gem cut. It's a little something that made me smile even though it goes away in one swipe.
The shade I picked, 08 Pretty Poppy is a warm red in a balmy gel texture. YSL Sheer Candy Sweet Fig is a touch brown while Lipstick Queen Medieval looks more neutral. Pretty Poppy is the glossiest of the three. There is that same peachy floral scent that are more agreeable in lipstick form (as opposed to gloss/powder). 
My purply winter mouth makes it look orangey but it is a face-brightening tomato red. The formula is fair for its price, reasonably hydrating but not as long-wearing and quenching like highend Kanebo. I prefer Lip Blossom over YSL Sheer Candy, which I find thin and slippy. 

 Admittedly, similarly colored Coffret d'Or RD-214 feels nicer and have a glassy shine that stays better (but that's discontinued). Jill Stuart makes up with tougher and prettier(totally subjective) packaging. Would you pay a few extra bucks for that level of princess overkill? I would. 

Verdict: I am eyeballing another shade (Black Cherry from last fall) but I am undecided if I want another of this princess wand in my collection. It's kind of like the western highend lipsticks, one is nice too look at but two is too much. #firstworldproblem


  1. LOVE sheer reds, but I don't think I can deal with any more Jill Stuart haha I think I should try RMK, especially after your last review!

    1. The only rmk shade I am interested is 01 Cherry Red. Since I don't love their packaging I prefer dropping a bucks on Chicca instead. Anyway rmk gloss won the 2016 cosme award so I will try to hunt one down.

      Most of the Jill Stuart products I got aren't great for highend but I don't find them to be terrible either. Well, now it's cold so their shimmery lipstick started to wear like chalk...

  2. I would TOTALLY pay more for that level of princess overkill. The gem-cut bullet is so cute! I've never tried Jill Stuart, but I'd love to if I ever make it back to Japan.

    1. It's probably better to swatch JS in store since they got a few duds here and there (namely those pasty pearly shades) They might sell lip blossom in their Soho store/US online for $42 (not sure who in their right mind would pay that much for coated plastic).

  3. That snowy background is rather perfect for this lipstick tube. The color is very pretty on you! I want another orangey red but not in a glossy formula. I love princess packaging in general, but for some reason I could never do JS.

    1. JS was available in Korea for a short while and I guess most of you don't dig it. I do like to own at least one of some of their blushes, lip blossom and glosses I do draw the line at rouge my dress though. No way I am touching up in public with that...


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