Friday, January 06, 2017

Integrate Sakura Drop Essence Gloss

I have been wanting this Integrate Sakura Drop Essence gloss since 2013 but held on for quite a while (back then it was 13 bucks with the exchange, a bit of a rip-off). Anyway, it has dropped back to 8 bucks these past two years so I can finally add it as a cartfiller. 

It's a light gel gloss with Hyaluronic acid for a quick snoothing shine. 
The cherry red is a light (enough to brighten but still look very fresh and neutral)and the gloss feels very hydrating. It's perfect for a quick toss in the bag or stationed at random corner of home for that quick touch up.

Currently, it's nowhere to be found at my apartment. On a side note, if my Dior lip balm would show up, that will be great...


  1. Almost done with my tube ^.^ won't repurchase again though even though I like it a lot. Just have too many lip balms, DHC, etc.

    1. I got the lip oil/essence from canmake, sana and Majolica...But for some reason I still am eyeballing ettusais, Dior and Bobbi Brown...There are too many options and I don't want to choose!

    2. Oh! I just bought the lip essence from Ettusais! Will try and post about it soonish!


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